Thursday, 15 June 2017

Shop Pretty Dresses For Your Princess From Myntra.Com

Hello Every One
Back with a Website Review of  One of my favorite Online Store : Myntra.Com .

I started doing online shopping some five years back and Myntra was the First store from where I had shopped some cosmetics & Jewelry .
It  was a good experience and I was super excited that after placing order I got my parcel with in 3 days :-)
Then  every month I used to shop something from Myntra , either Apparels or Cosmetics & Skin care , Bags , footwear etc .

Reason I loved everything at Myntra :
* Excellent Quality Products .
* Fast Delivery.
* Good Discounts.
* Friendly Customer Care.
*Easy Return & Exchange Policy.

In today's post I am going to write about Dresses for Girls .

 Keep in mind few things while shopping apparels for kids  like :
1.Quality of dresses as Kids skin are too soft and sensitive , if the cloth is not of good quality one should  not go for it .
2. Correct Size -- Many a times when I have shopped from other online stores , size was not correct as per age , But not at Myntra , Size per age is Perfect .
3. Affordable Price -- If  the product is over priced , even though it's good , one thinks whether or not spend so much money on it .
But when one is getting excellent quality products at affordable range with some good discounts , one should never leave it ( As at Myntra.Com ) .
Have a Look at Dress for Girls at Myntra :

( Image Source : Myntra.Com ) 

They have wide range of  beautiful & pretty dresses  for all age group.
For small girls one can get dresses in various Prints & Patterns .
One can get  Cotton , Chiffon , Crepe , Denim , Lace as well as Net dresses .
There are various ways by which one can choose a dress at Myntra as per their taste & choice .
One can choose a dress as per :
Pattern  etc

One can choose from 90+ brands at Myntra Which is Amazing .
One can find product from some famous brands like  Palm Tree , Mee Mee , Biba, Lee Cooper , Mother Care  etc.

One can also choose a dress as per Price , Color or Discount :
The Price range is between  Rs 239 - Rs Rs 4500.
One can get Daily wear dresses , Party wear dresses and many more .

(Image Source : Myntra.Com  ) 

They offer good discounts on all products .
On Girls Dresses there is discount upto 70% which is too good .

Navigating the site is very easy and it's User friendly .
After browsing the product if one wants to buy something then its very easy .
One can select Size as per age ( Size Chart is given )
One can also read the product details to know about material and how to take care of it .
One can check delivery options at their city or location and simply click ADD TO BAG to place order .
One can use online payment option or Cash On Delivery .
Their product packaging and delivery is too good .

( Image Source : Myntra.Com ) 

 The product one receives is same as shown in the picture ( This does not happens in case of all online store , this is my personal experience ) 
As many a times the quality of cloth was inferior and it was not same as shown in the image .
But at Myntra one gets exactly the same thing  as shown in Image .

So to Doll Up your Little  Princess and make her Look & feel Like a Fairy by shopping some pretty dresses for her from Myntra :-) 
Give her The Best as our little one deserves The Best :-) 

One can browse and check the store to have a great Online Shopping  Experience .

Hope You all like this post and found it useful , Do Share your experience if you have shopped from Myntra .

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Chik Egg White Protein Hair Fall Prevent Shampoo Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review after a short break :-)
Today I am going to review an anti hair fall shampoo from brand Cavin Kare .
It's Chik Egg White Protein Hair Fall Prevent Shampoo .

Cavin Kare is an old and renowned Indian brand with many products in its category like Nyle Shampoo , Spinz Perfume and many more . I have already reviewed some products from this brand .

About the Product :
This Chik Egg White shampoo is a type of anti hair fall shampoo and it was launched some two years back .
It Contains egg protein that naturally repairs damaged hairs and make them healthy & shiny .

Ingredients :

Price : Rs 105  for 180 ml 
Shelf  Life : 2 years 

Product Packaging :
Product Packaging is Cute .
The bottle is Oval shaped and looks like an egg .

Pros :
1. Contains egg proteins which prevents hair fall .
2. Has a lovely fragrance .
3. Cute product packaging .
4.Affordable Price .
5. Good Shelf  Life .
6. Controls hair fall to some extent .

Cons :
Not a natural product , contains some chemicals .

What the Product Claims :
The product claims to prevent & reduce hair fall and make hairs strong & silky .

My experience with the product :
I am using this shampoo past few days .
Its a good product .
I loved its fragrance , Initially I thought  since its an egg based shampoo fragrance might not be that good but actually its too good :-) 
Its a white color shampoo and it lathers well and cleanses well .
It was able to clean the scalp well and remove all dirt & dandruff's from hairs .
After using it for some time I could say that it could control hair fall to some extent .
Since I have not used it for long , need some more time to know its complete effect .
In the first usage  I did not used a conditioner after washing my hairs with this shampoo as I thought since it's an egg based shampoo it will work as a conditioner too but it made my hairs bit dry , so from next time onward I am using a conditioner after using this shampoo.

Over all it's a good product in affordable price :-) 

IBB Rating : 4.5 / 5 

One can check their site here 

Hope You all liked my review and found it useful , share your views if you  have used it .

(* PR Sample But Honest Review ) 


Friday, 2 June 2017

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from brand Cetaphil .
Today I am going to review it's Gentle Cleanser , which is a type of face wash .

Cetaphil is a drugstore brand  , its products are available on all Medicine shops and some online stores too , I brought this one from my Clickoncare.Com haul .

About the Product
This Cetaphil Gentle cleanser is a type of  mild face wash , meant for all skin type .


Price : Rs 215 for 125 ml
Shelf  Life : 2 Years

Product Packaging :
Product  packaging  is good .
The cleanser comes in a good plastic bottle and travel friendly too .

Pros :
1. Easily available every where , one can buy from Local stores as well as online stores .
2. Suitable for all skin type .
3. Gently cleanses the skin removing all dirt & oil from face.
4. Affordable price .
5. Excellent product packaging .
6. Good  Shelf  Life .
7. Non Comedogenic , PH balanced product .

Cons :
1. Not a Natural or Herbal product , has some chemicals .
2. Has Parabens .

My Experience with the product :
I am using this facewash past few days , it's a good one .
It's a colorless gel kind of cleanser .
Its a mild cleanser which is free of fragrance and color , gently cleanses the face and is able remove all oil & dirt from face .
The only thing I disliked is its not chemical free .

IBB Rating : 4/5 

One can check the product here :

Monday, 29 May 2017

Mama Earth Calming Body Wash Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from brand  Mama Earth .
Today I am going to review a new launch from it's Mama Range , Calming Body Wash for Mama .

Mama earth has introduced some product in the mama range and this Calming body wash for mama is one of them .

About the product :
This Calming body wash is a gentle cleansing body wash  with goodness of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Ingredients :

Price : Rs 349 for 200 ml 
Shelf   Life : 2 years 

Product Packaging :
Product Packaging is excellent & Classy .
The body wash comes in a good quality plastic bottle with a nozzle at the top from which desired quantity of product can be taken out easily .

How the product Looks like :
The body wash is like a colorless gel .
Consistency is neither too thick nor runny .

Pros :
1. Has goodness of Aloe Vera, Allantoin  and vitamin E.
2. Free of  Paraben , SLS , Pthalates , Mineral Oil .
3. Certified toxin free product .
4. Excellent product packaging .
5. Nice Fragrance .
6. Lathers well and cleanses well .
7. Gentle on skin and is suitable for all skin type .
8. Dermatologically tested .

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores .
2. Price little higher than body wash from other brands .

My Experience with this product :
I am using this body wash past two weeks and its a good product .
I like it's fragrance which is mild and good .
One feels refreshed after using this body wash .
It lathers well and cleanses well , does not makes the skin dry like ordinary soaps .
Vitamin E in it keeps the skin moisturized .

An ideal product from mama's  who want to relax and pamper themselves :-) 

IBB Rating -- 4.6/5 

One can buy this product from online stores like Amazon , Flipkart , Nykaa.
One can check at Amazon  Mama Earth Body Wash

(* PR Sample But Honest Review ) 

Monday, 22 May 2017

Review of Mama Earth C3 Face Mask

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from brand  Mama Earth.
Today I am going to review it's newly launched  C3 Face Mask .

About the Brand :
We all know that Mama Earth is Asia's 1st made safe certified brand .
Earlier they had introduced wide range of  baby products which are toxin & chemical free .
Ideal for small kids & infants .
Now they have introduced some products in Mama Range -- These are the products for mama's to take care of their skin & hairs post delivery .

About the product :
This C3 Face Mask of  Mama Earth is an excellent combo of Charcoal , Coffee , Clay and Fruit Extracts . It helps to get the glowing skin back after pregnancy and child birth .

Ingredients :

Price : Rs 599 for 100 ml 
Shelf Life  :  2 Years 

Product Packaging :
Product packaging is good .
The face mask comes in a good quality plastic tub .

How the product looks like :
The face mask is a black color thick mask , similar to mud packs .
The black color is because of charcoal in it .
Fragrance is similar to Peppermint fragrance which is quite refreshing .

How to use :
One needs to wash and clean their face , then apply a thick layer of this mask on their face & neck .
Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes and then remove it gently by first rubbing in circular motion for overall exfoliation and then wash it off with Luke Warm water .
Pat dry your skin and apply a good moisturizer .
Should be used twice a week .

Pros :
1. Contains goodness of coffee , clay , charcoal & Fruit extract .
2. Has Cucumber extract , Mulberry extract & Papaya extract .
3. Contains Peppermint oil , Basil oil , Kokum Butter .
4. An excellent face mask for all akin type .
5.It does what it claims , brightens & tightens the skin .
6. This face mask is free of Parabens , SLS, mineral Oil & Pthalates .

Cons :
Not available in Local Market .

What the Product Claims :
The product claims to reduce pigmentation .
To exfoliate & lightens dark spots .
To brightens & tightens skin .

My Experience with the product:
I am using this face mask past one week .
It's an excellent product.
Much needed one for busy mom's  like me as  we hardly get any time for ourselves :-)
This face mask has a nice fragrance of  Peppermint which is quite refreshing and it gives a cooling sensation ( some thing which I had never experienced in any other face mask ) :-) 
It's exfoliating power is good as it exfoliates the skin well removing all dirt & dead skin from face .
Post application gives a glowing effect to skin :-) 

One can Buy this product from online stores like Amazon , Flipkart or Nykaa .

IBB Rating -- 4.7 / 5 

( * PR Sample But Honest Review ) 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Indulge in Creativity with Matrika Woman's Journals

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do a different kind of review , Review of a Woman's  Journal  from Matrika .

Recently I got a Woman's  Journal from  Matrika's  as a part of their Blogger's  Outreach  Program .
Too happy to receive it as it took me back to golden period of my childhood , where in I used to do lots of activities like Drawing , Coloring , Painting , Collecting stickers etc.

About the brand :
Matrika is a brand which has good collection of products like Diaries , Journals , Notebooks .
Their products are of high quality and are colorful and one feels proud owning them .

The brand is owned by SFA Prints Pvt Ltd , an Indian Company based out of Sivakasi .
The name Matrika  derives from the Sanskrit word for Mother , denoting the powerful energies .

Matrika's  Paper Products have won the 2016 Book Printer of the year Academic & Trade Award.

This is the Journal I received from them :

Matrika Woman's Journal Comes in 4 beautiful designs & Colors  :

1. Butterfly - Pink " To Dream " 
2.Dragonfly -Dark Brown  " To Fly "
3.Feather - Red  " To Write " 
4.Fish -Blue  " To Glide " 

One can check their collection here :

I got the Red one , Feather .

Features of this Journal :
* Special cover material 
* Hard bound 
* Natural shade paper 
* 8 Coloring pages 
* Stickers for creative writing 
* Pouch on back cover 
* Elastic for safe locking 
* Pen Holder 
* Space for entering personal data 
* Name & Address directory 

How the journal looks like :
 The journal is a like Piece of Art with some lovely features and pages :-) 
Upon opening one can see a page like this ( with a beautiful note written on it )

Then one can find some coloring pages  

 Some pages have lovely stickers which one can use while writing stories / daily routines or updates .

At the end of this Journal one can find some plain pages with " Scribble Your Heart Away " written on it , so one can really scribble their heart in these lovely pages :-) 

My Experience with this Journal :
Basically I am a Creative person . During my school and college days I used to participate in lots of activities like Drawing & Painting competitions .
I had a huge collection of diaries and coloring books which was filled with drawing  & paintings which I used to do a lot as per my mood .
We all know that art like drawing & paintings are a good way to express your feelings , happy or sad , excited or feeling low . 
In the course of time , after getting married and after becoming Mom I was quite away from  one of the favorite hobbies of mine .
So when I received this Journal , I was overwhelmed as it took me to my childhood days where I used to spent hours in front of my dairies & coloring books .
The Lovely drawing sheets & pretty stickers took me to another world of Imagination :-) 
Doing these is a good way to De-stress yourself  and  helps to bring your inner child out :-) 

I am loving this journal and would suggest all to go for it .
As we really need something which would help to De-stress .
It can be like a Best Friend with whom we can spend plenty of time  sharing our secrets & doing some fun activities .

Advantages of Using Such Journals :
1. Brings our Inner child Out .
2. Reduces anxiety and helps to De-Stress .
3. Can be used as a Planner  where as we can write lists of works to do .
4. We can save our contact list in it like mobile numbers & Postal address etc.
5. One can show their creative side with this . 

One can Buy this Journal at Amazon .

Price : Rs 450 

One can check the Facebook page of Matrika Journal to know more about their campaign 

Hope You all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Wonderful Experience of Being a Part of J&J Blogger's Meet in Association with Mycity4kids

Hello Every one
In Today's Post I am going to share my wonderful experience of  being a  part of  J&J  Blogger's Meet in association with Mycity4kids.Com .

Last week I got a call from the team of  Mycity4kids  that they are going to organize a Blogger's Meet at  Hitech City in Hyderabad on 16th May . When I got their invitation I was super excited and immediately said Yes to be a part of  the meet . Rest of the details were sent by mail .

Mycity4kids is an Indian parenting site where one can read some useful articles on parenting topics from Mommy blogger's and Pediatricians & experts .
I am a member of this site past 2 years , so know some people from their team .

Once can check the site here :

Since this was my first Blogger's Meet I was Super Excited .
The meet was scheduled at 10 AM - 1 PM at Hotel Avasa at Hitech City,Hyderabad. 
I reached there on time , did my registration at the counter and upon entering the Hall , saw all new faces :-)
The fact is that We are all connected on Social Media  like Facebook , Instagram & WhatsApp , we rarely meet :-)
Then Met Shavet Jain & Ankita Chuodary , Editorial members of mycity4kid team , whom I know  but haven't met before .
After the initial  introduction , we were called for Photo Shoots , there were  Lots Photo Shoots & Video shoots going on and for some time I  felt like a Celebrity :-) Enjoyed Getting all Lime Light :-)

There were around 27 Mommy bloggers and some members of Mycity4kids team , Some from Johnson & Johnson Team ( Since this event was organized & sponsored by J&J ).
There  were experts from J&J team , and we were asked to ask questions and queries about J&J products .  We all asked our doubts that since it's in news that  J&J  products have lots of chemicals in it , so is it safe to use for small kids .
They gave all answers and to a large extent our doubts were cleared .

This is Deepali from J & J , answering our queries .

There was some Fun Activities and Contests .
Teams were made and each team had either 4 or 5 blogger's and we were asked to name our team .
My team had 4 members and we named our team as Nizami Moms ( Since we all belong to city of Nizam's we thought giving our team's name as Nizami Moms )

We were given some tasks and the team to finish the task in least time would get more points .
One of the task was to clean stains from cloth using the newly launched Liquid detergent from J&J.
We were the first ones to clean all stains from a piece of cloth in a Bowl Wash :-)
This product is yet to reach the market , but it's effective , could remove all stains from clothes and was not harsh on hands . So an excellent baby laundry detergent .

At the end our team Nizami Moms won the contest :-)
And we were given prizes for that .

Winning Team with Deepali ( extreme left ) and Shavet Jain ( extreme right ) 

Our prize was a lovely basket with some skin care products .

There were gift hampers for each blogger and individual photo shoot along with group ones .
The gifts we got :

This is all I got there along with some Lovely Memories :-) 

One can check the Instagram page of Mycity4kids & J&J to see more such pictures of  Blogger's Meet at various Indian cities .
Instagram Page of J&J  : J&J
Instagram page of Mycity4kids : Mycity4kids

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment spent there .
Made some new friends .
So it was a wonderful experience to be a part of such event & meet , Hope to have many more in future .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post :-)