Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Recipe of Peanut Butter Crunchy Balls

Hello Every One
Today I am going to share one more recipe post .
Recipe of  Peanut Butter  Crunchy Balls .
I made this with only three ingredients -- FunFoods  Peanut Butter Crunchy , Butter , Digestive Biscuits . It's a  No Bake No Cook Recipe which can be made easily  with in 10-15 minutes .

About the Product
FunFoods  Peanut  Butter Crunchy  is a type of  Peanut Butter  with  pieces of  peanut in it which gives it a crunchier taste . It can be used as a spread  with  bread , buns and sweet sandwiches .
Much better and healthier than regular butter as it's trans fat free .

One can check this product at their site :

FunFoods  Peanut  Butter  -- 1/2 cup 
Butter -- 50 gms 
Digestive Biscuits -- 200 gms 

( One can take Digestive biscuits from any brand )

1. Break the biscuits in to small pieces .
2.  Put these biscuit pieces , butter  , peanut butter  in a mixer jar and churn it for few minutes till all ingredients  mix well .
3. Grease your palm with little oil and make Small sized balls from this mix .

Keep it in refrigerator for half an hour so that it sets well .

Then one can enjoy these delicious  Peanut Butter Crunchy Balls .
With  the  taste of peanuts & butter this tastes  too good  . 

What I liked about this product :
* Great taste , with pieces of  peanuts in it , it tastes so good .
* Affordable Price , Rs 149 for 340 gms .
* Easily  Available every where , in super stores , online stores etc .
* Trans fat Free , Cholesterol Free .
* Good source of Vitamin E , B3 , B6 .
* Gluten  Free .
* FSSAI  approved 

Hope  You all Liked this Post and  found it useful . 
Do share your views if you have used this product .

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Enjoy Healthy & Delicious Greek Yogurt With Epigamia

Hello Every One
Today I am going to share my experience of  Enjoying a Healthy Treat with one of the Best Yogurt I have  ever tried , Its Greek Yogurt  from  Epigamia :-)

About the Brand :
Epigamia  is an Indian brand which offers healthy Greek Yogurt in various interesting flavors .
All its products are healthy , delicious & nutritious.
Made from  low fat purest cow milk these yogurt are good source of calcium and also contain Probiotics which helps in digestion and lowers cholesterol .

Some of the flavors which I tried are these :

I got two boxes with 4 flavor in each .

The first box  had these flavors : 
1. Greek  yogurt  Strawberry 
2. Greek yogurt  Blueberry 
3. Greek yogurt Green Apple 
4. Greek yogurt  Honey Banana 

The second box had these flavors :
1. Greek yogurt Alphonso Mango 
2. Greek yogurt Wild Raspberry 
3. Greek yogurt Natural 
4. Greek Yogurt Snack Pack Strawberry with Chunky Granola 

Greek yogurt Green Apple flavor 
This is light green in color and has taste of green apple .
Rich source of calcium & energy .

Greek yogurt Natural flavor 
This is like plain curd but very thick and little sweet taste .

Greek  Yogurt Alphonso Flavor 
This has taste & flavor of sweet mangoes with small chunks of mangoes in it .
It tastes like a Heavenly Dessert :-) 

Greek Yogurt  Strawberry Flavor 
This is pink in color and has flavor & taste of strawberry .
A good treat specially for small kids as they love such flavors .

Greek Yogurt Blueberry 
It has taste & flavor of blueberry fruit .
Tastes so good & delicious .

Greek Yogurt Wild Raspberry 
It has taste of  raspberry fruit , so quite a unique taste .

Greek Yogurt Snack pack with Strawberry & Granola 
This is a strawberry flavor with  some granola chunks in it .
So when we mix both , it's too delicious and a Perfect Snack .

So these are the flavors which  I tried , All so good and Delicious .

What I  liked about these Yogurts :
1. These are healthy Snacking Options as yogurt with real fruit makes it too good .
2. Made from pure cow milk ( low fat ones ) .
3. Good source of calcium & Protein .
4. Good source of Probiotics which is good for  digestion & intestine .
5. Also contains Vitamin C .
6.These yogurts are Preservative free .
7.  Available in various interesting flavors which taste too good .
8. Product packaging is good .
9. Price is affordable , a single piece  costs  around Rs 35- Rs 40 which is Okay for such a good product .
10. Good for small kids as  we can give them these flavored yogurt as snacks in place of unhealthy  snacks & junk foods .

My kids enjoyed these flavors and  The Alphonso mango one is my favorite as it has real mango fruit in it , so more than  a yogurt it tastes like a Lovely & Delicious  Dessert :-) 

So would recommend all to have a look at their interesting flavors and Try Some :-) 

One can check their website here 

One can buy these from Super Stores and also from online grocery stores like

IBB  Rating -- 5/5 

( for their wonderful taste & affordable price I  have given a rating of  5/5 ) 

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful .


(* PR Samples with Honest Review  ) 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Explore Comfortable & Affordable Products from Bella

Hello Every One
Today I am going to introduce a new brand to my readers and friends , It's Bella.

About the brand :
Bella is a brand that provides high quality  health & hygiene products for  women  at an affordable price . It's products are made with European Standard  and suits almost all skin type .
It's products help to maintain  hygiene in our day to day life .

Its product range includes :
1. Sanitary Napkins.
2. Tampons.
3. Panty Liners.
4. Cotton products  like Cotton Wools , Buds & Pads .

One can check their website here :

Recently I got some products from the brand :

Bella Ideale Night Pad 
It's an  ultra thin napkin for heavy flow to be used as a night pad .
Air breathability is the unique feature of this product which ensures proper air circulation for comfort and protection against skin irritation .
It has stay Drai topsheet -unique top layer that has double structure with pure cotton for extreme feeling of dryness and comfort .
Price Rs 190 for  14 pads .

Bella Perfecta Ultra XL Heavy Flow  Napkin :
This is for heavy flow and it's made from ultra soft material .
They have leakage control system with unique magic gel barriers to protect from side leakage .
It has silky dry top sheet to give feeling of dryness .
Price Rs 78 for 8 piece .

Bella Intima Panty Liners 
These are made from 100% cotton sheets and is of 1mm thickness . 
It gives a feeling of naturalness and softness .
Recommended for daily use .
Price : Rs 85 for 20 units 

Bella Cotton Pads With Orange Flower Extracts 
These cotton pads are enriched with orange blossom extracts that soothes and relaxes the skin .
It's made from 100% natural cotton fiber .Recommended for cosmetic and hygienic use , ideal as a makeup remover .
Can also be used for baby care .
It has two side, one plain & one embossed , Plain side can be used for cosmetic application and embossed side can be used for cleansing .
Price : Rs 99 for 70 piece .

Bella Cotton Buds
It's a must product which we use in our daily hygiene routine .
These are made with 100 % cotton can also be used for spot cosmetic application apart from cleansing ears .
Price : Rs 45 for 100 pieces .

Bella Feminine Wash 
Enriched with D-Panthenol  & Allantoin , it's meant for maximum hygiene of intimate area .

What  I liked about these products & Brand 
Hygiene products are Must Have ones as we need them regularly in our day to day routine .
Getting high quality hygiene products at affordable  price is like a Great thing as no  ones want to spend extra bucks and  also no one wants to compromise on Quality .
And Bella Products are of  High Quality & Price range is Affordable :-) 
And we Women Deserve the Best Products :-) 
The unique feature of Bella Napkins is they are  Air Breathable .
i.e They provide best comfort & no skin irritation ( Which is not there in napkins from many other brands ).

One can Buy Bella  Products from  or  Amazon 

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful , Do check their product range at  Nykaa .


(* Products sent  by brand for opinion )  

Friday, 13 October 2017

Soft & Supple Feet With Himalaya FootCare Cream

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from brand Himalaya Wellness .
We all know that Himalaya is a famous Indian Brand with several useful products in its list .
I have already reviewed some of it's products , today I am going to review  Himalaya FootCare  Cream .

About the product :
This foot care cream is a unique daily use cream which heals and softens excessive dry and rough feet preventing cracks and protects the feet from microbial infection .

Product Packaging :
The foot cream comes in a tube so it's hygienic .
The outer packaging is cardboard one with all product information on it .
Product packaging is good and travel friendly .

How the cream looks like :
The cream is of brown color , it has thick consistency and has a nice fragrance .
Gets easily absorbed in skin and moisturizes the skin .

Price :  Rs 110 for 50 gms 
Shelf   Life : 3 Years from date of Manufacture .

Ingredients : 
Sal Tree Extract 

Direction for use :
One needs to wash their feet with Luke warm water and pat it dry.
Then apply this foot cream  and gently massage it .

Ideally one should do this twice daily , once after bath and once at bed time .

What the product claims :
The product claims to treat  cracked heels and make feet soft & supple .

My Experience with the product : 
I am using this foot  cream past  one week .
It's an  Excellent Product .
It has a nice fragrance and it's a good moisturizer .
Touch Wood  I do not have any cracked feet problem so can't say anything on that  but  it made my feet  Soft & Supple :-) 
In fact the skin tone of my feet improved after it's  application ( Since it contains Turmeric too ) 

So will say it's a Must Try Product .

What I liked about this product :
* It does what it claims , makes feet soft & Supple .
* From a famous & Reputed brand Himalaya Wellness .
* Affordable price .
*  Nice Fragrance.
* Travel Friendly pack .

IBB Rating : 4.9/5 

One can check their site here : 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .


(* PR Sample with Honest  Review  ) 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Vedantika Herbals Facial Scrub Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review .
Today I am going to review a facial scrub from a brand  Vedantika Herbals .

About the brand :
Vedantika  Herbals is an Indian brand .
They have wide range of products in beauty & health care .
It's products are chemical free and are made from natural ingredients .
They use eco friendly packaging for their products .

One can check their site here :

About the Facial Scrub :
This facial scrub is formulated with Oats , Herbs , Nuts & pulses .
It exfoliates dead cells and makes skin soft & supple .

Ingredients :

Price : Rs 40 for 5 gms Sachet 
Shelf  Life : 18 months 

How the Product Looks Like :
The scrub  is in powdered form .
One needs to mix water or milk in it to make paste .
Then that paste can be used as a scrub or a face pack .
For dry skin it is recommended to add little oil or honey to the pack .

My Experience with the product :
Since my skin type is  oily, I simply added water to it and  applied that pack on my face & neck and left  it for few minutes and then scrubbed it gently and then washed it off with plenty of water .
My skin felt  clean & clear , oil & dirt free .

So this is a good & effective product .

What I liked about this product :
1. Free of  Parabens , Silicones  & artificial colors .
2. Contains all natural ingredients like oats , herbs etc .
3. Easy to  use , one just needs to add water or milk  to form a pack .
4. Helps to remove dead cells from skin .
5. Makes skin soft & Supple .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Diwali Gift Guide at Rock N Shop

Hello Every One
Back with one more interesting post .
Today I am going to share Diwali Gift Guide at online store  Rock N Shop .
As mentioned in my last post  Rock N Shop  is an online store where one can buy Curated Luxury Products .
Right now Diwali Sale is going there where as one can buy products at up to 70% off .
The Diwali Gift guide contains everything that one would want to gift , starting from Apparels , Jewelry , Accessories , Gadgets , Cosmetics  & Skin Care etc .

One can check the Diwali Gift Guide Here  : Diwali Gift Guide

One can buy gifts by category or by price etc .

One can  find some good stuffs  there at Gifts under  Rs 5000 .

When I browsed the Jewlery  Section I saw some Awesome Pieces  Like Earrings and Finger rings .

One can buy these lovely Designer Jewelry at discounted prices  .
And these will be Ideal for gifting  as are too good  and classy . Also after discount the price is affordable . 

In Beauty  Section one can get  products from brands like Mantra & Tvam , all goods products at discounted & affordable price .

In Home Decor Section one can get some beautiful lamps .

So there are wide range of products in their Diwali Gift Guide , one can buy those  Classy & Elegant products at discounted price and  gift it to their near & dear ones  .

Among all the products I browsed at their Diwali Gift guide , the one  I  liked most is  Jewelry section as one can get classy  & unique pieces at  affordable price . 
So do check their Diwali  sale &  Diwali Gift Guide  and buy some thing for your self & for your near & dear ones .

Hope You all Liked this post and found it useful . 


Monday, 9 October 2017

Diwali Sale at Rock N Shop

Hello Every One
Today  I am going to  Share a  Diwali  Sale at online store  Rock N Shop .

About the store :
Rock N Shop is an online store from where one can buy Curated Luxury Products .
They have wide range of products from Reputed  brands for Men , Women & Kids .
Their product range includes  Apparels , Accessories , Skin care & Cosmetics etc .

Right Now a Diwali Sale is going on where there is discount upto 70% .
One can check the discount page here  Diwali Sale at Rock N Shop

There are various categories by which one can shop there like :
* Shop By Gender 
* Shop By Discount 
* Shop By Designer  
* Shop By Category 

When I checked the Sale for Women Category I found some useful products  in  Accessories & Beauty Products at Sale .
Being  a  Beauty Blogger the first thing I check in any sale is  Skin Care & Beauty Products :-) 
So when  I  Checked  Beauty Category Saw some Awesome products at Sale .
They have some good collection of products from brand  TVAM .
All at discount , How Good is that :-)

One can check the TVAM collection here :

TVAM  is an Organic Brand  with some variety of  Skin care  and Hair Care products  all made from natural ingredients .

Apart  from this  one can shop Accessories ,  Jewelry , Apparels , Bags  , Shoes , Gadgets & Home Decor Products from there .

One can also build their own Diwali  Gift  Box .
On  purchase on 2 products one gets extra 10% off  & 
On purchase of 3 or more products one gets  extra 20 % off .

Do check the site and check their Diwali Sale and shop  what You like :-) 

Also Check their Instagram Page   : Insta Page of Rock N Shop 

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful .