Monday, 20 November 2017

Keep Your Baby Clean With Mama Earth Organic Bamboo Based Wipes

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Back with one more product review .
Today I am going to review a new baby product  recently launched in market .
Mama  Earth's Organic Bamboo Based Wipes .

Mama Earth's products are good as well as Best Sellers on various Online Stores as they are toxin free and have all natural ingredients . Their  products are of good quality and are easily available on online stores like Amazon & Nykaa .

One can buy this product directly from their website

About the Product
This Mama Earth Baby Wipes is India's  first Polyster free unbleached organic bamboo based wipes .
Bamboo fiber is more breathable than cotton fiber .
It's Free of  harmful  chemicals like Parabens , Bleach , Sulfates , Mineral Oils etc , So ideal for small babies . The mild ingredients in these wipes ensures that there is no irritation on regular usage .
They are PH balanced , Hypoallergenic  and  Clinically tested so are safe for skin .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good , One can easily pull a single wipe for use and then close it .
It's Travel friendly too.  

The Wipes are thick and are perfect for cleaning face , hands and body .

Organic Bamboo Cloth 
Aloe Vera 
Shea Butter 
Almond Oil 
Lavender  Oil 
Vegetable Glycerin 
Potassium Sorbate ( Food Preservative ) 

Price : Rs 249  for 72 wipes .

What I liked about this Product 
With small kids around we do need  wipes  to keep them clean & hygienic.
I have used wipes from other brands ( infact always keep some wipes at home for my kids) , they were good But this one from Mama Earth is Excellent .
The Best part is  it's  free of harmful chemicals , it's thicker than wipes from other brands , It's safe on skin and we always look for products which are safe & gentle on skin .
These wipes have nice mild fragrance and have enough moisturizer to clean the skin as well as keep it moisturized & hydrated . Something which is too essential for babies skin .
And also the price is affordable .

So would recommend others  to  try it  .

IBB Rating --  4.8/5  

Hope You all Liked this post and found it useful .

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Stay Healthy With Zenith Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review  Apple Cider Vinegar from a famous brand Zenith Nutrition .

About the brand
Zenith Nutrition is an Indian brand which has wide range of products in Nutrition and Health Supplements .
One can check their site here :

About the product
Zenith Apple Cider Vinegar is made from Himalayan apples , and are rich in Minerals , Enzymes & Potassium . It has numerous health benefits like controlling weight , promoting digestion , maintaining healthy skin & PH balance etc.
This  Vinegar is unfiltered & unpasteurized  and so it's  too good .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good .
Vinegar is packed in a good quality plastic bottle with the tight screw lid so there is no fear of spillage or wastage .
On the outer cover all product information is given .


Direction to use 
One needs to mix 1-2 teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water and consume it empty stomach in the morning . 

Nutritional Information 

Rs 425 for 500 ml .

Internal Benefits of using this Vinegar 
1.Helps in weight management  as ACV helps to loose weight .
2. Improves immune system.
3. Improves digestion .
4. Helps to remove toxins from body .

External Benefits 
1. Helps to maintain healthy skin & hair .
2. Relieves muscles pain after exercise.

My Experience with this product 
I am using this past few days and it's good .
I am using it as directed , diluting it  with water and taking it in empty stomach in morning .
It has helped in improving digestion and also helping me to keep my weight under control .
It's  taste is  milder then taste of ACV from other brands , so good .

One can also use this as a Salad Dressing .  

One can buy this product from their site as well as from Amazon 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful , do share your views if have used this product .


Note : This Product is not meant to prevent or cure any disease , it's Just a Health Supplement , Pregnant & Lactating Women should not take it . 

(*  PR Sample With my own opinion about product ) 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Shop Vibrant Ethnic Wears & Splendid Jewellery From IndiaRush

Hello Every One
Back with one more Website Review .
Today I am going to do a detailed website review of  an Indian Online Store Indiarush.Com.

About the Store
Indiarush  is the perfect destination to get all types of  Indian Ethnic Wears & Imitation Jewellery .
One can find wide range of products there .Staring from Sarees , Salwar Suits , Lehngas , Dresses they have every thing which Indian Women Look For .

One can check the store here

Right Now one can check the  Big Bucket Sale where as one can get Upto 70% off with extra 10% Store Credit  at their site .
How Cool is that .
A Great Deal for  Online Shoppers like us .

One can get upto 60% off on Traditional  Lehengas  with extra 10% store credit which can be used in next purchase from the store .

One can also check Deal of The Day .
Where as one can get huge discounts on various categories of products .

Do Check their  Saree Section which has a Lovely Collection of  Beautiful & Gorgeous Sarees .
One can search a Saree  by various filters  like :
Brand etc 

Jewellery Section 
Their Jewellery Section is also good .
One can get variety of Imitation Jewellery in affordable range .
And after discount the price is too less and one can buy easily .

One of the Jewellery piece which I liked too much from this store is 
Alloy Golden Jewellery Set .
It's a set of Necklace , Earring & Maang Tika .
After discount the price is Rs 599 ,which is too good & affordable .

One can check the  Jewellery  section  to see some lovely Jewellery pieces at great discounts .

What I  Liked  about this Store 
1. Good Collection of Lovely Products both in Apparel Section & Jewellery Section .
2.  Great  Deals & Discounts .
3. Affordable Price .
4. Various Payment Options Available including Cash on Delivery . 
5. Return Option is also there , So if one is not happy or satisfied with  the product can return or exchange the product with in 15 days of  Purchase .

Indian Ethic Wears are in demand these days.  For our Daily Wears , Functions  , Festivals , Parties we do look for some good ethnic wear  and matching Jewellery in affordable range .
So We can check some good online stores like IndiaRush  to get what we are looking for .
So that we can shop some good products at affordable Price . 

Do check the store and it's products .

Hope You all  Liked  this  Post & Found  it  useful .

Do Share Your Views on  Online Shopping for Ethnic Wears .


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Friday, 10 November 2017

Pick The Right Foundation From Myntra

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Back with one more interesting post .
Today I am going to share how to choose the right foundation for your skin .

Foundation  is a skin colored makeup applied on  face and neck to create an even , uniform color complexion which  cover flaws  & scars and give a neutral look .
Finding the best foundation for your skin can be a challenge as market is flooded with foundations from various brands ( both Indian & International brands).
One can buy these foundations from some good Online Shopping  Store like .

So one needs to know bit about these foundations from various brands and also I will share some tips to choose the right foundation according to our skin type .

1. Know your Skin Type
It is  necessary to know our skin type first before choosing any product for our face .
Whether it's  Oily, Dry or Combination type .

* For Oily skin choose Oil Free foundation or else it could lead to breakouts .
  Oily Skin beauties should stay away from heavy pancakes foundations as it can clog pores .
  They should go for a foundation with Salicylic acid  and choose a foundation that is light weight .

* For dry skin beauties Moisturizing foundations are perfect as they also moisturizes the skin .
   They should look for foundations containing Glycerin .

* For Combination Skin Beauties Cream to powder based works  well .

 * Mineral Foundations work well on all skin type , specially sensitive skin type .

2. Avoid foundations that can irritate you skin
 Before buying a foundation , check the ingredient list , if it contains anything which does not suits your skin then avoid buying that particular foundation .

3. Choose foundation with SPF
Pick a foundation with good SPF value , minimum SPF 15 as it can give protection from harmful sun rays .

4. Dilute a heavy foundation with a moisturizer 
Some times we do not get the perfect shade what we are looking for .
So one can add a little of moisturizer  to heavy foundation and can apply it on face & neck and it works .

So these are the ways by which one can choose right  foundation  for their skin .

One can check  online store like Myntra as they have good collection of foundations from various reputed brands .

Myntra being one of the most famous and reputed online store in India , stocks good quality products from various brands . In the makeup & skin care section one can find products from various brands  at a discounted price .

When I was looking for foundation at Myntra , I could see products from all famous brands like
Bobbi Brown
Loreal  etc

There are various filters by which one can choose the foundation they are looking for , like one can shop by
Colorshade  Name
Skin Tone
Skin Type

One can also sort product by Price , Color or Discount .

One can get upto 25% and above discount on foundations form various brands .

Since my skin type is Oily when I looked for foundation for oily skin , I found some good options like  products from Maybelline , Loreal & Faces .


 One of them being  Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Matte + Poreless Natural Buff Foundation .
After 10 % discount it's at an affordable price of Rs 517 .
It's a light weight foundation which mattifies and refines pores and gives a Natural & Seamless finish.
It's  Dermatologically tested and does not clogs pores so ideal for Oily Skin .

So do check out the products at Myntra and with the above tips & tricks find your right shade and buy a good one for you .

Hope You all  Liked this Post and Found it useful .



Thursday, 9 November 2017

Make Children's Day Special & Memorable For Your Kids

Hello Every One
Back with one more interesting post , Today's topic is  " How To make Children's  Day Special  for our Kids ". 

Children's  Day  is something which  all kids look forward to as they have lots of fun activities and functions  in their school  which they really enjoy and is a sweet  break from their daily monotonous routine of  studies  and home works .
In most of the schools on Children's day  they have Fancy Dress Competition , Dance Programs , Cultural  Activities  etc  ,which kids love to participate as they are interesting and fun filled .
In my daughter's school they have dance programs  on  Children's Day and almost all students are made to participate . Dancing on some Bollywood numbers and wearing colorful and gorgeous dresses makes them happy and thrilled . They want to look their  best and the preparation starts weeks before , Rehearsals , finalizing Costumes & Jewelry makes them excited and happy . They Love to perform on stage , getting appreciation from teachers , parents and friends , Loved to get clicked in photo shoots & Video Shoots , so it's a Fun Filled Activity for them .
I do encourage my kids to participate in all such activities as they enjoy a lot and also makes them more confident  in facing the crowd .
I have also attended few such functions in their school as I also enjoy  watching them performing on stage and  enjoying every moment of  it .
But  all these Children's day activity is confined to their school only , as usually Parents do not do any thing special at home .
At home usually we are too strict , worrying about their studies , home works , examination preparation etc , and in today's hectic life during school days we hardly get sufficient time to have some fun with them as we all are occupied with our works .
So we should take out some time on weekends , holidays , festivals etc to spend some quality time with them  and make it  fun filled and enjoyable .

To start with Let's begin with Children's Day .
As it's  a day  for kids .
Don't  just leave them to have fun at school , bring that fun to your home too .
Plan something different for them that day , some thing which can be a Pleasant  Surprise  .
It could be a visit to a Shopping Mall with Lunch or Dinner outside , A trip to some Amusement park , A shopping Spree buying their favorite Toys &  Story Books etc  , anything  which will  make them happy and can make the day Memorable .
Show them that you are  Modern Day Parent  who are not  Boring but  are like their True Friends , trying to be a part of their  happiness & excitement .

I always try to do something special on Children's day .
Last Year  I went to their school to watch & enjoy my kids performing on stage and after that I took them to a Restaurant  to  have their  favorite meal .
They really enjoyed a lot .
This year  I have similar plans with some more additions  like I want to give them some Surprise Gifts  which they would love to have like some good story books , Activity Kits , Accessories  and Chocolates which they love to eat .
After that I will take them to my parents house so that they can spend some good time there as they love going there  and on weekdays they do not get time to visit there .
It's all about spreading Love & Happiness and making the day Special & Memorable .

So let's Try and make it happen , Make this Children's  Day Special & Memorable for our kids .

Watch this Lovely TVC  where a mom is trying to make Children's  Day  special for her kids with Cadbury Chocolates .

I Simply Love their Tagline  " Kuch Meetha Ho Jae " and what Best then Chocolates which kids love to have .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it interesting .
Do share your views on " How have you  planned to Celebrate Children's Day " 

#CadburyDairyMilk  #ChildrensDay  #KuchMeethaHoJaaye 


Monday, 6 November 2017

Explore Augmented Reality Based Educational Games With Play Shifu

Hello Every One
Back With one more interesting post .
Today I am going to share about an Augmented Reality Based Educational Games  from Play Shifu .

About the brand
Play Shifu is a brand which has come up with  Reality Based Educational Games for kids of age group 2-10 Years .
These games are designed by early childhood experts .
It's an interactive model  and requires an android or iOS mobile or tablet to play .

One can check the site here  to know more details

One can  buy these games from  Amazon

Last week I ordered Shifu Wild Life Jeep Safari with 20 Animals in 3D .

It contains 20 animal flash cards that operate in real time with the specially built Shifu App meant for Android/ iOS .

It's an interactive and educational one which combines physical & digital  world through Augmented Reality .

One gets  Tablet Stand , Activation Code and 20 Animal Cards in this pack .

First one needs to download the shifu app on mobile or tablet from Google Play Store .
After that  activation code will be required which  comes with pack .

Price : Rs 299 

The stand & card looks like this :

There are 20 cards with different animals pictures on it , one needs to scan a card to start playing.

Upon scanning it looks like this : 

What I liked about this game & product 
1. It's an educational games , kids can learn many things while playing .
2. It brings a real life experience of animals in their habitat , it teaches about their food , habitat, sound  and many more such things .
3. It helps to explore new areas and things .
4. It's a type of creative game which  improves imagination power in kids .
5. It improves overall general knowledge of kids .
6. Helps in language development as kids learn new words & their spellings .
7. Also helps to develop Motor Skills by better hand eye coordination .
8. Affordable Price .
9. Easily Available at Amazon .

So I found this one as a good & interesting one .
Do check out their range at Amazon .

Hope you all liked this post & found it useful .


(* PR Sample with my opinion about product ) 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Unboxing November Euphorbia Box

Hello Every One
Back with one more Unboxing Post .
Today I am going to review  November Euphorbia  Box .

Euphorbia  Box is a Beauty Subscription  Box  which was launched last month .
The first month's box was excellent and all the boxes were sold on the first day itself as it's  content were  great and price was affordable .
I had reviewed that box last month , one can check that post here :
October Euphorbia Box

One can check the website here

This month's box looks like this :

Upon opening the box  it looked like this , all the products wrapped  in bubble wrap .

So Packaging is good & perfect . 

This months box has following products :

This month box has five products .

1. Ang Tatva Kaya Tatva Scrub Off  worth Rs 345 .
2. HM Have More Dry Matte Nail paint worth  Rs 299 .
3. Bio Bloom Face Wash  Rs 160 .
4. Duft Facial Wipes worth  Rs 79 .
5. Mama Earth Sunscreen SPF 20 ( Sample Size )

Ang Tatva Kaya Tatva Scrub-Off
Ang Tatva is an Ayurvedic Brand .
This product is a face & body scrub with all natural ingredients .
Haven't used this before but seems great :-) 

HM Have More Dry Matte Nail Paint  
This  Nail paint  is a Matte One .
I applied and it dried with in few minutes and the finish & texture is smooth .
I got nail paint in Red Shade which is looking too gorgeous and good :-) 

Bio Bloom Face Wash 
Bio Bloom is a  famous brand and its products are good .
This is an Organic Product with Vitamin E , Tea tree Oil etc .

Duft Facial Wipes  
Duft is a good brand and it's facial wipes are too good  , contain Aloe Vera & Cucumber and price is affordable .


Mama Earth Mineral Based Sunscreen 
Mama Earth is a renowned brand now , some of  it's products are Best Sellers at Amazon & Nykaa.
I  have used this Sunscreen , it's a good one .

So these are the products in this month's box .
Total Cost of products is around Rs 900 and one need to pay Rs 248 + Rs 12 as Shipping charges .
So total cost of box is Rs 260 which is too good & affordable .

What I liked about this box
   *  It has products from reputed brands , not from local , cheap brands .
* All products are useful  and we need them in our skin care routine . 
* We are getting products worth much more than the price of box .

So would recommend all to check the website and Do Place an Order if you like products in this box.

This month they also have a Combo Box where in one can buy this November Box + A Sheet Mask Box at a Price Rs 398 and it has products worth  Rs 1633 .
How good is that :-) 

The Combo Box contains :
November Box with these five products 
Sheet Mask Box  which has three sheet masks  worth  Rs 750 .

So that makes it a Must Buy One :-) 

They are also having an offer where as 5 Lucky Subscribers including the Pre-Subscribers can win a Cute Box with some Jewelry in it . 

The Box also contains a Coupon Code from brand Ang Tatva . 

So all these makes this Subscription Box a great one :-) 

Hope You all Like this Post and Found it Useful .
Do share your experience if you have tried  Euphorbia Box .