Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Trigger Your Taste Bud With Fun Foods Veg Mayonnaise

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do a different kind of post , it's  not any website review or product  review But it's a recipe post along with review of a famous Indian food brand.

About the brand :
Dr. Oetker India is a famous food brand which has various sub brands under it .
The first and current sub brand is Fun Foods .
Fun Food is leader in offering western cuisine in India .
It's Products range includes :
Salad Dressings
Cake Mix
Dessert Toppings etc .

One can Check their site here for more information and recipe's

About the Product :
Fun Foods Veg Mayonnaise is a classic French Sauce which is used in making Sandwich , Salads , Wraps etc . It's Smooth & Creamy and is available in 8 flavors so suit every one's taste .

Today I am going to share a Recipe which I have prepared with Fun Foods Veg Mayonnaise .

                                                                Russian  Salad

Ingredients :
* 2 boiled & peeled Potato (diced into small cubes )
* 2 Carrots peeled , boiled & diced .
* 50 gms of green peas (boiled )
* 1 Apple diced into small cubes
* Mint Leaves for garnishing
* salt to taste
* Chaat Masala Powder (1/2 tea spoon )
* 150 gms of Fun Foods Veg Mayonnaise .

Method of Preparation :
1. Boil  potato's in a pressure cooker till done , after that let it cool for some time then peel the skin and dice it into small cubes .
2. In a separate pan boil the vegetables like peas , carrots etc , one can also add french beans and some other vegetable of their choice .
3. In a mixing bowl add all boiled vegetables , diced apples , salt , chaat masala and mix well .
4. Then add Mayonnaise and mix properly .
5. Garnish it with some fresh mint leaves .

Delicious Russian Salad is ready to eat :-)

This is not only delicious but also healthy and is so easy to prepare .

One can prepare many more such delicious recipe's with this Fun Food Mayonnaise like :
Creamy Fruit Salad 
Refreshing Cucumber Dip 
Cheesy Macroni 
Fruit Salads 
Wraps & Rolls etc 

So Wear a Thinking Cap and do Prepare some excellent dishes with this Mayonnaise to trigger your taste bud & enjoy your food :-) 

Price of this product is Rs 119 for 500 gms .
So it's economical & affordable .

What I liked about this product :
1. Excellent taste .
2. 8 flavors to choose from starting form plain one to spicy one .
3. Affordable price.
4. Easily available every where .
5. The Veg one is egg free so good for people who want to have egg free mayonnaise .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful :-) 

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Over Come Morning Sickness With The Mom's Co Natural Body Wash

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from a New Brand The Mom's Co .
Today I am going to review it's Natural Body Wash .

About the brand :
The Mom's Co is a new brand in Indian Market .
Their products are safe , natural , toxin free and are specifically targeted for pregnant women and mom's .
They use 100 % natural ingredients in their products and so their products are safe to use .

One can check their website here

About the product :
The first product from their range which I have tried is their Natural Body Wash .
It's an excellent product with goodness of Ginger Essential Oil , Orange Essential Oil and Pro Vitamin B5 . It's a Coconut based cleanser which is mild and is gentle on skin .

Ingredients :

Price :
Price is Rs 348 for  200 ml

Shelf Life :  2 Years 

Product Packaging :
Product Packaging is good , the body wash comes in a good quality plastic bottle with a nozzle at the top using which one can squeeze out required amount of product without any wastage .

How the product looks like :
The body wash is a light golden color liquid which  is neither too thick nor runny .
It has an awesome fragrance of  Lime & Ginger which makes one feels fresh .

It  Lathers well and Cleanses well and one requires little quantity of product to make good lather .

Pros :
1. Free of  harmful  chemicals & toxins like Parabens , Sulfates , Mineral Oil , SLS .
2. Free of Synthetic fragrance .
3. Coconut Based Cleanser so mild in nature .
4. Orange Essential Oil helps to lift mood .
5. Pro Vitamin B5 moisturizes the skin .
6. Ginger Essential Oil treats Morning Sickness , Motion Sickness , Nausea & Vomiting.
7. Excellent Product Packaging .
8. Awesome  Citrus Fragrance  which Uplifts the mood and one feels fresh after using this product . 
9. It lathers well and Cleanses Well .
10. Does not makes the skin dry like ordinary soaps but keeps it moisturized & hydrated .
11. Not Tested on Animals .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores , yet to reach local market .

My Experience with the product :
I am using this body wash past few days , it's an excellent product .
Only little amount of it is required and it lathers well and cleanses well .
I loved it's fragrance , sufficient to uplift one's mood and make one feel better & fresh .

Would recommend others to give it a try as a it's a different kind of product , much different from usual body wash available in market .

IBB Rating : 4.5 /5 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful :-) 

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Protect from Germs with Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizers

Hello Every One
Back with one more Interesting review from a famous Indian brand Himalaya Wellness .
Today I am going to review it's Pure Hands Hand Sanitizers .

About the product :
Himalaya Wellness  have come up with some new variant of hand sanitizers which have fruity fragrance and are excellent products to protect ourselves from germs & infections , specially during rainy season . These sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs and ensure complete hand protection .
They have anti bacterial & anti microbial properties , they are perfect travel companion , specially with kids .

The five  variants which I am going to review today are :
2. Strawberry 
3.Green Apple 
4. Litchi  
5. Lime 

Himalaya  Hand Sanitizers Orange :
This is my favorite variant with lovely citrus fragrance & a dark Orange Color .
One really fresh so fresh & refreshed after using this .
Price Rs 80 for 100 ml .

Himalaya  Hand Sanitizers Strawberry 
This has a light orange color with Sweet Strawberry fragrance .
Price Rs 80 for 100 ml .

Himalaya  Hand Sanitizer  Green Apple :
This is light green in color with a nice smell of green apples .
Price :  Rs 55 for 50 ml

Himalaya Hand Sanitizer  Litchi :
This is light pink in color with exact the same smell of fresh Litchi fruit , so smells too good .
Price Rs 60 for 50 ml .

Himalaya Hand Sanitizer Lime :
This is the basic variant .
It contains Hrivera , Lime etc .
Lime has astringent properties .
Protects the skin and prevents itching .
Price : Rs 55 for 50 ml .

Pros :
1. These sanitizers kill 99.9 % of germs , so quite useful to clean hand in absence  of soaps & water .
2. They contain extracts of  lime , neem, coriander  etc which have anti bacterial and anti microbial  properties .
3.They are Hypoallergenic in nature so will never cause any allergic reactions .
4. They have moisturizing effect , do not makes hands dry or rough .
5. They are clinically tested .
6.  Travel friendly packaging , one can easily carry these sanitizers even in small bags or pouches .
7. Lovely fruity fragrances , all these variants have fruity fragrance .
8. Economically Priced so easily affordable .
9. Easily available every where , on online stores as well as local markets .
10. From a Trusted & Reputed Indian Brand .
11. Sufficient shelf Life of  2 years .

Cons :
Could not find any :-) 

My Experience with these products :
I am using these ones and I liked them all , specially the Orange one as I loved its citrus fragrance .
One feels so fresh & good after using it .
All these have gel consistency and one needs just one or two drops and it gets absorbed easily without our hands feeling oily or sticky and the best part is it gives complete protection from germs & bacteria and is so useful when outside, when we do not have access to water or soap so this comes as a Life Saver as basic hygiene is the first step towards good health .
Specially with small kids who are not very particular about cleaning hands before eating ( specially when outside ) , one can give them such products which they will love to use because of it's fruity fragrance :-) 

So would recommend all to try these wonderful variants of hand sanitizers and Be safe & Healthy :-)

IBB Rating -- 5/5 

One can buy these products from Amazon 

Hope You all liked this post & found it useful :-) 
Do share your opinion if have used these products .

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Fuschia Cherry Care Hand & Nail Cream Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from famous brand Fuschia .
Today I am going to review it's Cherry Care Hand & Nail Cream .

About the Product :
Fuschia Cherry Care Hand & Nail  Cream is an excellent product to take care of hands & Nails .
This is thick & rich cream which  moisturizes the skin and prevents premature ageing of skin .

Ingredients :
Ingredient list is excellent with Tea Tree Oil , Coconut oil , Aloe Vera , Vitamin E  all of which are good for skin .

Price : Rs 450 

How the Product Looks Like :
This hand cream is a thick cream in pink color .
It has a lovely fragrance similar to strawberry .

Pros :
1. Free of harmful chemicals like parabens , Pthalates etc.
2. Contains natural ingredients like Coconut oil , Aloe Vera etc .
3. Coconut oil , Almond Oil moisturizes the skin .
4. Aloe Vera Prevents skin from drying .
5. Completely moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
6. Has a Sweet Floral Aroma .
7. Makes skin smooth & supple .
8. It's Non greasy .

Cons :
1. Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores , difficult to get in Local Stores .
2. Bit Expensive .
3. Product details like Price & Shelf  Life not mentioned on the pack .

My Experience with the product :
I am using this cream past few days and it's too good specially the fragrance is awesome .
It's a thick cream which gets absorbed in the skin completely and moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a good period of time  , Best is to apply it at Night time .
Regular usage makes skin soft & supple .
The Product does what it claims .

One needs to use it after washing their hand , taking little quantity of it and massaging gently on hands & nails . 

And it's necessary for women as after doing all cleansing & laundry job many a times our hands look and feel too dry , so this cream is an ideal one to use to keep our hands & nails  moisturized and healthy .

IBB Rating - 4.5 /5 

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Review of Mama Earth Epsom Bath Salt for Relaxation & Pain Relief

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from my favorite brand Mama Earth .
Today I am going to review a different kind of product , Epsom Bath Salt .

About the Product :
This Epsom Bath Salt is a new launch by the brand for Mama's .
It's a type of Bath Salt which has therapeutic uses as it helps to soothe muscle pain , relieve aching feet , cleanse pores and detoxify skin .

Price & Shelf  Life :
Price RS 399 for 200 gms 
Shelf  Life  2 Years 

Key Ingredients :

Direction for use :

How the product looks like :
This Epsom salt has a Lovely Purple Color which looks too attractive and good .

Product Packaging :
The salt comes in a good quality plastic jar .
It has a tub packaging .

Pros :
1. Has great ingredient list all of which are good for skin like Glycerin , Almond Oil .
(Which also moisturizes the skin ) 
2. Magnesium salt helps to reduce pain .
3.Paraben , SLS , Pthalates Free product .
4.Does not contains Mineral Oil .
5.It can be used to relax tired feet as well as remove backache .
6. Can be used by Pregnant women as well as Mama's .
7. Affordable Price .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on Online stores , Yet to reach Local Stores .

What the Product Claims :
The Product claims to reduce pains in leg & feet , cleanse pores and detoxify skin .

My Experience with the product :
I am using this salt these days , it's a good product .
A unique Kind of product which I have never tried before .
I added a heap of it to warm water and soaked my feet in it . 
Kept it for 10-15 minutes .
It really helped to feel relaxed as it could reduce ache in my feet to a great extent .
I felt better after using it .
And it's in an  affordable range so one can give it a try .

Would recommend this to all who wants to relax and pamper themselves after a long tiring day :-)
Specially for Mom's who have a hectic schedule , it's an excellent way to relax and reduce pain in their feet . 

IBB Rating --4.7 /5 

One can buy this product from online stores like Amazon & Nykaa .

Hope you all found this review interesting & useful .

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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Surprise Your Loved Ones by Sending Personalized Birthday Songs

Hello Every One
Back with one more Website Review , But this a Different Kind of Post & Review .
Today I am going to share details of a website from where one can send Personalized Birthday Gifts Like Personalized Birthday songs & E Cards to their loved ones .

About the Site :
BirthdaySongsWithName is a website from where one can send personalized birthday songs and ecards to their near and dear ones .
One can download the birthday song or create an ecard with chosen birthday song and send it via email .
The site was founded with the vision of inspiring people to share their wishes and greetings through the magic of personalized songs and ecards .
Every one would love to hear birthday songs sung for them .
One can make an extra ordinary e card with pictures , words and birthday songs with the name of their loved ones .

Image may contain: text

There are four birthday song to chose from , Two in English and  Two in Hindi
1. Traditional Happy Birthday Song
2. Sing Along a Happy Birthday Song
3. Baar Baar Din ye Aaye
4. Happy Din Aye

Steps to make a Personalized song :

1. Visit the website

2. In the Home Page one can see alphabets from A to Z.
Chose the one with which name of birthday person starts .

3. Find the name of birthday person in the list ( It has lots of Common names )
If it's not there one can request for it .

4. Once you get the name you are looking for , click it and the Birthday Song is ready .

5. One can preview all the songs and select the one they like .

Steps to make Personalized ECard :

1. Download a song :
Find your name in the birthday song and download it .

2. Insert Photo's & Frame :
Upload photo of the birthday person , Chose a good frame , select the song , Insert few words and it's done .

3. Send the ecard via email to surprise your loved ones :-)
It can also be shared via Facebook , Twitter and other social media sites .

To Make Photo Cards :

Price :
This site provides personalized birthday songs with names to users at :
Rs  75   for  1 Song
Rs 100 for 2 Songs
Rs 135 for 3 Songs
Rs 160 for 4 Songs

User can also create Birthday Video by adding pictures & messages.
It Starts from Rs 200 .
They have free service for their users for creating ECards .

These birthday songs and video's can be shared on Whatapp , Facebook , email etc and also be played in the party while cutting cake .

One can check the facebook page of this site here :
FB Page of BirthdaySongsWithName

What I Liked about this site :
Though there are few other sites from which one can send E Cards , but this one is a Unique One with so many good features like sending Personalized Birthday songs and E Cards .
They have around 6500 Indian names in their list and they update their data base from time to time adding more songs and names .
One can request for a name they want to add in the list .
Pricing is nominal and affordable .
And it's an excellent way to Surprise your loved ones and make them feel Special on their birthdays .

So would Recommend all to visit this wonderful site once and have a look on their Content & Services .

Hope You all enjoyed reading this Post and found it useful .

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( Image Source : BirthdaySongsWithNames.Com  )

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Iraa Insta Renew Multi Action Under Eye Cream Review

Hello Every One
Back with One More Product Review from brand Iraa .
Today I am going to review it's Under Eye Cream .

Few days back I have reviewed it's Multi Action Night Cream , one can check that post here :
Iraa Night Cream Review

About the Product :
This Eye Cream is a fast absorbing , fragrance free cream which helps to remove wrinkles,dark circles  and puffiness around eyes and gives a renewed youthful look .
With goodness of Cucumber & GrapeSeed it brightens & refreshes the eye area .

Product Packaging :
The product comes in a tube and the outer  pack is a  cardboard pack with all product details and information given on it .

The tube is a sleek one with a silver cap on it .
Product packaging is excellent as one can easily squeeze out little amount of cream and thus there is no wastage of product .
It's travel friendly too , can be easily carried in bag or purse .

                                                                      Price :  Rs 490 for 20 gms
                                                                      Shelf  Life :  24 months .


Ingredients :

What the product Claims :
The product claims to reduce dark circles , wrinkles , crow's feet , puffiness .

Direction for use :
One needs to dab small dots around eye area ( Under eyes , Outer Corners , eyelids ) and smooth it until  absorbed . Use morning & night for better results .

Pros :
1. Contains Shea Butter , Cucumber Extract , Vitamin E , Grapeseed all of which are good for skin .
2. Clinically Tested and Dermatologically approved product .
3. Cucumber has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties .
4. This Eye cream also contains an exotic algae sourced from France which helps to reduce sign of ageing & dark circles .
5. Excellent Product Packaging .
6.Travel friendly pack .
7. Helps to reduce dark circles to a great extent .

Cons :
1. Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores .
2. Not a chemical free product , contains alcohol .

My Experience With the Product :
I am using this eye cream  past few days and it's good .
One needs juts a small amount of it to cover the under eye area , so a single pack can last  long .
The cream is white in color with a no fragrance and  it gets absorbed in skin easily .
After using it for some time I can say it has reduced my dark circles to some extent .

IBB Rating -- 4.3 /5 

One can buy this product from Amazon 

 Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

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