Friday, 16 February 2018

Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Cooking Healthy Meals is bit challenging as one needs to keep in mind both nutrition & taste .
Specially for small kids as usually kids are fussy eaters and do not like vegetables and are keen to munch unhealthy snacks .
The first step for cooking a healthy meal is  " To shop Healthy Grocery for your Family "

In this post I will share some Tips How to Shop Healthy for Your  Meals .

1. Make a List
Many a times we do not prepare the grocery list and simply buy what we see at super stores or malls .
This habit is not good as we miss few items as well most of times we buy unnecessary  stuffs .
One should plan weekly meals and buy grocery accordingly .
So that all the food items are being used and finished in that week only .

2. Food items like Rice , Cereals , Dried beans and ones  which do not perish quickly can be brought in bulk  so as to save some money .

3. Buy  Whole foods instead of  buying cooked ones .
Cooked food products like Curries , Paratha's  have some preservatives in it , also salt content of these products are higher , so better to avoid such as they are unhealthy & expensive .
One can easily cook such dishes at home which are fresh & healthier .

4. For Fruits & Vegetables one can buy it from local vendors rather then from Superstores as local vendors bring fresh ones and many a times price is less than what's available at mall or superstores .

5. With kids one needs to buy some snacks , Try to buy Healthy snacks like Dry Fruits ( Almonds , Pistachios etc )  which they will eat rather then buying unhealthy snacks like cookies & candies .
Once in a while we can give them cookies & candies but regular consumption is not good.

6. Again for Fish , Chicken or Mutton better to buy fresh ones rather then frozen ones .

7.  Do check  expiry date of all packed food items so as to avoid any health problem later on .

8. If possible try to read ingredients of packed food items , so as to know amount of salt , sugar , preservatives & Calories in it , so as to do a wise shopping and avoid food loaded with calories .

9. Avoid  Soft drinks , Colas as they are too bad for health , Try to buy Fruit juices .
Again one needs to check sugar content in it , try to get ones which are sugar free or have less sugar in it .

10 .One can opt for Plain Yogurt rather than flavored ones as they have good amount of sugar in it , one can add fresh fruits at home to make it  more delicious .

11. One can buy fresh & colorful veggies like Beetroot , Carrot , Tomato to make  healthy soup at home rather than buying  Ready made Soups which have lots of preservatives & food color ( which are bad for health )

12. Try to buy Organic foods :  fruits , vegetables & lentils .
Though they are bit expensive than regular ones but are healthy .

This way one can do Healthy Grocery Shopping .

One can try to make simple but delicious dishes at home which all will like .
Instead of making same boring  stuffs  one can always try new and different recipes ( One can take help from Youtube Videos or any Recipe book )

Home cooked food are far better than what's available outside as we never know how they are cooked : Hygiene factor , Oil used , amount of salt , sugar or  spices , freshness of the food product etc.

This way we can make our family eat healthy food and also save some money and have  peace of mind :)

Hope You all liked this post and found it useful .

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

How Smartphone Addiction Can Ruin Couple Relationship

Smartphones or Mobiles have become as essential as food & water , we can't stay away from our phones for long , we all are hooked to it , checking messages and spending or wasting lot of time there .
Earlier in 90's when mobile phones were  introduced , it was for official purpose and was owned by few , with passage of  time and with  new technologies and developments every year we got to see new and better versions of  mobile phones and now after two decades , Smartphones & iPhones are  part of everyone's  life .
Irony of situation is we can't imagine our life without it .
Whatsapp , Facebook , Instagram , Youtube , Alarm , camera , Google etc etc , for anything & everything we are dependent on it .
For work purpose , it's  Excellent . It's like a  Genie granting all your wish :)
* Chatting with friends
* Clicking Selfies
* Placing online order etc

But getting obsessed with the device  is too bad for health reasons  as well for  Relationships as when we get addicted to our gadgets like Phones , iPads , Laptops  we spend less time with real people and more time in the virtual world .
I have seen people spending their free time with gadgets and not meeting anyone in neighbourhood and just living in a Virtual world thinking that they are doing good by maintaining  relationship on net .  How ridiculous is that .

 How Smartphone addiction can ruin couple relationship :
Gone are the days when our Fathers used to come early from office in the evening and spend entire time  with family . Now working professionals  have odd timings , specially  when both are working . Both husband & wife have hectic schedule , completing their assignments & works .
So they are left with little time on weekdays and some good time on weekends BUT  instead of  spending that time as a Quality time , they waste it on their gadgets or smartphones by chatting with friends or playing some silly games .
This can ruin couple relationship as they are not giving time to each other .
 A Couple  relationship is like a Small Plant  which needs to nurtured to grow .
And giving quality time is one of the most important aspect of it  .
They need to talk  so that they can understand each other better , can understand  their problems & feelings , can give emotional support to each other when needed or else  it causes a huge Communication Gap which is too bad .

There is even a term called  Phubbing which means  Ignoring the person in front of you for your Smartphone .
This is too bad as it makes your loved ones feel unwanted & rejected .

Now How to Stop This :
There are simple ways which we can follow to make our loved ones specially spouse come out of this Smartphone  addiction & Phubbing .

* Set a mobile free time when both partners will switch off their phones and spend Quality time with each other . ( One can check missed calls & messages later on and can respond )

* Smartphones can be used at home when the other partner is busy with some other work , when free try to spend time together  .

* Stop wasting time on social media sites connecting with endless peoples and ignoring & neglecting the one at home .

* Go for Digital Detox
Means if possible on holidays or weekends  try  to Switch off your smartphones and spend time with spouse , kids , relatives rather then being in a Virtual world making Virtual friends on Social media Sites , Meet Real People and be in a Realistic World :)

* Whenever  possible go for  Vacation , forgetting your smartphones , enjoying your free  with your loved ones and using your phones just as a basic thing not more then that .

* Stop  talking  selfies  everywhere , we don't need to update all our moves  and impress the world , rather enjoy that time to fullest without thinking anything else :)
Selfies can be also be taken when net is off , so that we can upload that on social media sites later on .

* Switch off your phone before going to bed , at meals , during important events .

* Get rid of unnecessary apps .

* Keep a Feature phone for making calls and switch off  your smartphones for some time.

Hope these Tips are Useful :)

Initially it sounds too difficult but  is possible as I am doing  So :)
So give it a Try .

The last thing I do is Switch off  all Gadgets & even Wi -Fi at home and ask everyone to stay together. Kids & Hubby , Initial Reaction was not good but finally everyone understood & agreed :)

I am writing this post as a part of  #WhatILove   Series  by Blogger Zainab Raazi  of blog SlimExpectations . Do Check her blog  and bloggers can participate in this series .


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Benefits of Using Polarized & UV Sunglasses

Hello Everyone
Back with  a new post on Sunglasses .

Sunglasses are not just a Fashion Accessory but a basic  requirement these days as they protect our eyes from harmful sun rays like the UV rays and  protects our eyes from various  conditions like Cataract , Macular degeneration , Blurred vision etc .

Of the various types of sunglasses available in market , some are too good some are not . Depends upon the brand & quality of product .
The Best ones are Polarized + UV  one as they have numerous benefits .
Polarized sunglasses are coated  with a special chemical film that helps to reduce glare .
By neutralizing glare , Polarized lenses helps to see objects more clearly and also helps to reduce harmful effects of UV rays .

The non polarized glasses can only  block intense light but the polarized ones block the glare from reflected light , so are better .

People who spend more time outdoors like Players , Bikers  need a good Polarized Sunglasses  for protection of their eyes .
Even people who spend good time outdoors should use these Polarized Sunglasses .

Today Polarized  Sunglasses are easily available on Online Stores as well as Physical  Stores in Top Indian Cities .
When I was looking for  Polarized Sunglasses  on Indian Online Store I came across some good ones  at Titan Eye Plus . It's  an online store where one can buy  Sunglasses , Eyeglasses , Lens etc .

While browsing I saw some Cool designs , which not only looks  fashionable & trendy but also are affordable :)
These  Polarized sunglasses are available in various colors & designs to suit different personality .
And they are in range Rs 1200 to Rs 10,000 .
So one can choose according to their budget .
Have a look on some of it's  designs :

Titan Black Rimmed Aviator Sunglasses is available at an affordable price of   Rs 2857 only .
And it looks too good & stylish .
Perfect to match with a beach outfit .

One can filter these Polarized Sunglasses by various parameters like : 

What  I  Liked about these Sunglasses 
* They are from a Reputed Brand  Titan so of  good quality .
( One can trust the brand ) 
* Various colors & designs are available and one can choose as per their taste .
* Affordable price .
* Free Shipping & COD is available at the store , so one can place order easily .
* These Polarized sunglasses are Must Have for Indian climate where in winter also we have good amount of sunlight .

Do check the site and  the Polarized Sunglasses  and buy one which you like .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful  .


(* Sponsored  post with my opinion about the brand & it's  products ) 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Best Family Vacation in America with Kids

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Hello Everyone
Back with an interesting post on  My vacation  in America .

I am travelling past few weeks to different cities in America .
Came here in December 2017 with kids .
Since this is  the first time we came here , we all are  too excited and happy .
And it's a Dream Vacation for us .
The first city which I saw here is Seattle in the West Coast .
An IT hub and a beautiful place .
Then travelled to Portland which is again in the West coast  and stayed there for about a month as my hubby was working there . Visited many places there , will try to cover few in this post :)

 View  of  a lovely  Waterfall  in Portland .

Beaverton -Oregon Road 
Since it was a cloudy day , one can see clouds  everywhere , even on mountains :)

This is Hood River in Oregon .

One of the houses at beach area .

Enjoying  Sand & Surf  :) 

One weekend we have been to Oregon  Zoo .

Oregon Zoo was too good and  we saw many animals there and kids were too excited to  see so many animals there .

Reason  I am Loving this Vacation 
* My first US trip .
* Much needed one as  was away from hubby for quite a long time because of  his professional commitments .
* Vacation is a Time to Unplug  and recharge yourself away from our regular routine and monotonous work which becomes boring after some time .
* US  has some lovely vacation spots and  the country itself  is so good and beautiful that  one gets amazed & mesmerized  by natural beauty .
*Since winter kids enjoying snowfall  which was not there in Hyderabad .
* One learns many new things on these vacations as every city has a Tale to tell :) 

I have already visited some  cities Like Seattle , Oregon , Portland , Denver , Kansas City , Missouri .
And found all of  them too good & beautiful , with lots of natural beauty .
Will try to cover some more areas in my next Travel Post :) 

This post is a part of  #WhatILove  Series .
What I Loved   this  month is  my Vacation  in  US :) 

I am writing this as a part of   #WhatILove series   from blog  SlimExpectations by Zainab Raazi .
Do check her  blog .
There is a contest going on for Bloggers on the series  #WhatILove and there some good Prizes to be Won :) 

Hope  you all liked this post and found it useful  .


Monday, 29 January 2018

DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer Royale Cocktail Review

Hello Everyone
Back with one more interesting review about a Nail Polish  :)
Today I am going to review  DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer in shade  Royale Cocktail .

About the brand
DeBelle  is an Indian brand which offers  some good products like Gel Nail Polish  , Talcum Powder , Fairness Cream , Moisturizers etc .
I have already reviewed some of  it's  products , they were too good .
One can read the review of  Moisturizer here .

One can check the brand here :

About the Gel Nail Polish
DeBelle Gel Nail Polish are highly pigmented  formula with a gel finish which makes nails look beautiful & bright .They are long lasting and contain seaweed  extract  which promotes  in nail growth and also let nails breath .

This  shade Royale Cocktail is a pretty shade in Sea Greenish color .
It's  opaque and  the Gel finish looks awesome .

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is too cute :) 
The glass bottle has a silver cap which looks too good  & classy .

Price : Rs 295  for 8 ml 

How it  looks  like after applying 
The shade is too good  & gorgeous .
It's  decent & Classy both .
Sea Green is one of my favorite color and this nail polish  color comes out too good after just two coats :) 

1 .The Nail  Polish is of good quality .
2. It gives a smooth gel finish look which looks too good and attractive . 
3. It dries quickly with in few minutes.
4. The nail polish does not chips or comes out unevenly .
5. No strong smell like in  nail  polish from other brands .
6.Contains Seaweed extract  which let nails breathe  and also promotes nail growth .

Available  only on online stores , yet to reach local market .

My Experience with the product 
I loved the color and  the Gel finish look .
Looks so good and pretty .
Quality of this nail polish is much better than that of  nail paints from other brands .

So would recommend others to give a try and choose a pretty color from their collection .

IBB  Rating : 4.6/5

Hope you all liked this post & found it useful .
Do  tell me your views if you have used  DeBelle  Nail  Polish .


(*  Product  send by the brand for review , gave my personal opinion about the  product) 

Friday, 26 January 2018

Reasons To Join Beauty & Makeup Community @ Sheroes

Hey all
Recently I found an excellent platform for women .
A platform that support and encourages women in career , life & relationships .
I am talking about Sheroes : India's  largest  online community  for women .
A community only for women where they can find everything they are looking for , Job opportunities , their queries answered by experts  in health and beauty section  and can connect with other women .

The Sheroes community  helps and support  women to  get  work from home according to their profile and qualification .
It also helps to  get right career advice and  one can learn courses , read  inspiring stories and get encouraged and  grow .
It also helps to support & advice other women .

Registering at the site or app is too easy .
One can do so by Facebook or Google connect  and once registered one can login via email & password . It's  as simple as that .
After registration one  can browse the site or app and join various communities available there .
They have some wonderful communities like that for Health , Beauty & Makeup , News , Finance , Travel , Home Decor , Sports etc .
One can find the Sheroes app  on Google Play and install it on their smartphone easily .

Being a beauty blogger & a beauty enthusiast  I immediately  joined the Beauty & Makeup Community  ( Which has currently more that 3K + members ) .

After browsing it for some time I found  it too interesting with lots of beauty & makeup related queries which were being answered by experts as well as other members .
So when you post a query be ready to get many useful answers and suggestions .

One can get the Best of  Beauty Tips at Sheroes , Real & Honest reviews and experiences from  other members .

I would like to share a post from there which is a DIY for  blackhead removal .
It has been explained well with  ingredients easily available at home :) 
So one can easily follow . 

So we can find many such useful posts there which can benefit us .
We can also share our tips & reviews  to help other members  .
So it's an interactive platform :) 

 Reasons to Join this  Wonderful  Community at Sheroes : 
1. Easy to register and join  .
2 . It's  only for women so one can freely talk or discuss women or kid related issues without worrying it's being read or answered by male members .
3 . Get your queries answered by Experts ( and for every small thing it's not possible to visit a Physician ) .
4. It's  safe & secure , even then if one wants to remain  anonymous , one can  .
Without revealing their identity also one can ask questions and can get help from experts.
5. Getting connected with many other women , so that we can share our experiences and also learn from their tips & advices .

So all these makes Sheroes  Beauty & Makeup  Community  an excellent Platform to  get connected with  Beauty  Experts  &  get useful tips and advices  related to  Skin Care , Hair Care & Makeup .
And the Best Part is it's  Free .
One does not needs to pay anything to join the  community or to register the site .

So do register there or download their app and Join the Beauty & Makeup Community  .
I Love their Tagline  #Think Women Think Sheroes 

Hope  you all liked this post and found it useful  .
Do share your views  if you have checked the site .


Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Brands I Have Worked With


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Image result for logo of  Play Shifu                             Image result for logo of skola toys


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Image result for logo of prakriti herbals                                   Image result for logo of Sheer Skinz

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Image result for logo of  Olivia cosmetics                                 Image result for logo of TBC by nature

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Greenviv Herbals


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