Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Benefits of Self Love

Self  Love  is the belief  that You are a Valuable and Worthy Person .
We often neglect ourselves , we are so much occupied with our daily routines that we hardly find any time to think about our inner happiness . We are not at the top of our priority list , it's our family , then profession , social obligations that tops the priority list . We are the end of  it .
Infact at times we feel guilty if we think much about our  happiness and choices in anything , be it be the Menu or Vacation Destination or any such thing we do what others like , What our kids want or what our spouses like , we are okay with it and feel happy to see them happy .
We rarely think about what we want .
Specially this is a major problem with married women , she does what her husband likes , what her kids want , next comes family , relatives and in-laws , and she tries to find happiness in that .
But my point is " There is no harm in keeping your point of view in a positive way ".
Actually we underestimate ourselves , we easily accept and agree what others  want , we  do hesitate to tell our opinion .
This leads to low self esteem , lack of confidence in any decision making and  ultimately No Self   Love .
Yes I do feel that Women don't  love themselves  the way they should .
When they don't  love themselves how do they expect others to Love & Respect them .
We need to love  ourselves so that we feel good , and can make others feel our worth .

To Love one self one does not need to be rebellious or quarrelsome .
There are simple ways by which we can Love and Pamper ourselves and also make other feel our worth .
Some Tips :

1.Keep some ME TIME 
I am doing this past few years . Any time when I feel like having some ME TIME , I simply leave all my work , be it be house hold chores or any professional work , I leave it and do what I want , it could be going to a near by park and sitting alone some time away from every thing , so to recharge myself  or it could be going for a walk or shopping alone , it could be taking a short Nap or watching some Youtube video's which I love to watch .
This way I reward myself  for all the hard work I am doing all through the day .
This ME TIME could be few minutes to an hour , depends upon my daily routine but I try to make it happen :)

2. Keep reminding  yourself  all good qualities you have which makes you Unique .
All of us are gifted with lots of good qualities by the almighty .
Some are intelligent , some are creative , some are hard working .
So try to realise your potential and good qualities and feel happy about it .
That helps to make you love yourself more and  builds up inner confidence .

3. Try to convince your near and dear ones about your likes and dislikes
It's not a crime to  be open about ones likes or dislikes .
If  I  want to eat Vegetarian , it's not necessary that for the sake of my husband and kids I should always prepare Non-Vegetarian food ( this is just an example ).
I cook what my family members want to eat But I eat what I want to eat , that makes me  do double work but I am Okay with it .
We have the right to eat what  we want to eat .
Similarly  when any decision is made in the family regarding anything , We should be open about our views , it's  not that always others take right decision , we also give Valuable and good suggestions , so go ahead with it without thinking much .

4. Spending some quality time with your friends 
Usually after marriage and kids women gets disconnected with her friends to some extent .
If  in the same city , one can try to meet old friends and  enjoy those moments as True Friends are Real Asset , they give lots of positivity along with emotional support :)

5. Once in a month we can pamper ourselves by visiting a beauty parlour or spa , to relax ourselves and feel better .

These simple things will not only keep us happy but also will help us to come out of our monotonous routine which is at times too boring and can  help us to build confidence , which is required for Self Growth and a Healthy Life as if one is not happy from inside , he/she can't be healthy as depression causes lots of health problems .

So to be Healthy & Happy start Loving Yourself :)
Try to explore yourself  so to know yourself  better , So that we can work on our happiness and  only a happy person can radiate happiness and positivity to others , a troubled and depressed soul can't .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful , do share your views on this , would love to read your comments on this topic .

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Auravedic Clear Skin Serum Review

Hello Everyone
Today I am going to review  a product from famous brand Auravedic .
A product to control acne , it's  Clear Skin Serum .

Auravedic being a  famous Indian brand with so many good products in it's range for Skin care , Hair Care & Body Care offers some useful products to its Customers .
I have tried various products from this brand & found them good .
Recently got to try a Serum from this brand named Clean Skin Serum for no more breakouts .
My skin type being Oily , often get pimples and I always look for some products which can prevent and  treat pimples &  acnes .

About the Product
This serum has amazing ingredient list  with Tea tree oil  , Calendula , Argan Oil etc . It treats acnes without dryness or irritation , fights blemishes and prevents further breakouts.


Price : Rs 450 for 100 ml
                                                              Shelf   Life : 2 years

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is too good , the Serum comes in a  good quality plastic dispenser , with a nozzle from which little quantity  of product can be taken out , So no wastage & it's  hygienic .

How the Serum Looks  Like 
The Serum is off white in color and has a thick consistency .
Has a nice mild  fragrance .
Gets absorbed in the skin easily .

1. An excellent  product which does what it claims .
2. Has some good ingredients like Tulsi , Calendula , Tea Tree Oil , Neem all of which are good for skin and helps to control oil & fights acnes .
3. Also has Wheatgerm Oil , Jojoba Oil which prevents excessive drying of skin  .
4. Excellent  product packaging which is Travel Friendly too.
5. Its  lightweight and it's moisturizing base hydrates the skin .
6. Free of  Parabnes , Pthalates .
7. Suitable for all Skin Type .

Available only on Online Stores  .

My Experience with the product 
Few weeks  back  I  had  some acnes problems , I was getting pimples frequently on my chin & forehead area .
Tried  some face masks  for oily skin , that helped  to control Oilyness  of  Skin but  I wanted something  which could  control the frequent appearance of pimples .
So tried this Auravedic Clear Skin  Serum .
It  needs to be applied 2-3 times a day after washing & cleaning face with a good  Face Wash .
Usually  the acne cycle takes a week's time or sometimes even 4-6 weeks to go completely  but after applying this serum my Pimples got totally  disappeared  in 3-4 days :) 
And it could also control excessive Oil Secretion from face so  now my face looks Clear & Oil free .

Price of  this product is Rs 450 for 100 ml which initially seemed  higher to me but considering the fact the  it's an Ayurvedic Product with all good ingredients & does it's work well , Price is Okay .

IBB Rating  :  4.8/5 

One can buy this product from Online stores like Amazon or Flipkart ,
One can  also check their  Facebook Page  to know more about the brand and it's products .

Hope you all liked this post  and found it useful , Do share your views if  tried this product .


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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Ang Tatva Coffee Bean Scrub Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to introduce a new brand to my readers , Ang Tatva .

About the brand
Ang Tatva is a brand which provides Home Made Natural Skin Care Products to it's customers .
It's an Ayurvedic brand and it's products are made from natural ingredients like Aloe Vera , Turmeric , Pulses , Herbs , Coffee , Coconut etc .
One can check the site here :

About the product
This Coffee Bean Scrub is an excellent product which is rich in antioxidants and prevents pre-mature ageing , is a good exfoliator  and improves skin texture .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is simple .
The scrub is packed in a plastic container .

Coffee Beans 
Epsom Salt 
Brown Sugar 
Coconut Oil 
Shredded Coconut 

How To Use 
One needs to take little amount of scrub in palm and massage it gently on damp skin .
Scrub it for some time then wash it off with water .
Can be used for face as well as body .

How the product Looks Like 
The scrub is of brown color because of coffee beans in it .
Has fragrance of freshly ground coffee and is of coarse  texture .

Price : Rs 625 for 75 gms 

1. Made up of all natural ingredients .
2. Free of  artificial color , fragrance & preservatives .
3. Free of harmful chemicals like Paraben , Sulfates etc .
4. Is an effective product as does it's work well .
5. Coffee beans being a good exfoliator , exfoliates the skin & Coconut oil in the scrub moisturizes the skin , so the skin does not feels dry after using this product .

Bit expensive as compared to scrub from other brands but it's Okay as an excellent product with all natural  ingredients .

My Experience with the Product 
I am using this product past few days and I liked it .
Being a Coffee Lover I like it's fragrance .
It's  meant for both Face & Body . 
I am using it on my face and  it does it's work well .
Only little amount of scrub is required and one needs to massage it for few minutes then wash it off with water and it makes skin Clean , Clear & Bright .
Regular usage improves Skin Texture :) 

IBB Rating  -  4.6 /5 

One can buy this product and other Ang Tatva products directly from their site or can contact them on Facebook or Instagram .

Hope You all Liked this post and found it useful .
Do Share your views if you have tried any product from this brand .


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Monday, 1 January 2018

Review of Green Leaf Nourishing Shampoo With Hibiscus & Aloe Vera

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from brand Brihans Naturals .
It's  Green Leaf Nourishing Shampoo with Hibiscus & Aloe Vera .

About the product
This Green Leaf Nourishing Shampoo is a Mild Shampoo with goodness of Aloe Vera & Hibiscus and  is enriched with protein . It thoroughly cleanses the scalp & hair and  protects the hair from damage caused by dust , pollution  .

Product Packaging 
Product Packaging is simple , comes in a good quality plastic bottle .


Price : Rs 130 for 220 ml 

1. A mild shampoo suitable for all hair types .
2. Has goodness of Aloe Vera & Hibiscus .
3. Also contain Collagen & Glycerin .
4. It Lathers well & cleanses well .
5. Affordable Price .

Has some chemicals.

My Experience with the product 
I am using this shampoo past few days .
It's of thick consistency and has a  nice mild fragrance .
It lathers well & cleanses well .
Only little quantity is required to cleanse hair & scalp ,so a single bottle will last long and price is too affordable . 
Contains Aloe Vera , Hibiscus , Glycerin  all of which are good for hair , makes hair soft . 
Regarding controlling hair fall , I can update after using it  for some more time .

IBB Rating : 4/5 

One can buy this shampoo from online stores like amazon 

Hope you all like this post and found it useful .


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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Mama Earth Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from  brand Mama Earth .
Today I am going to review a new launch  , It's Nourishing Hair Oil for Babies .

About the product
This Nourishing baby oil has goodness of Almond & Avocado .
It has all natural ingredients and is free of  harmful chemicals like Parabens .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good .
The oil comes in a good quality bottle with a nozzle from which it can be easily pumped out .
It's similar to other mama earth products and looks cute :)

Price : Rs 299 for 100 ml 
Shelf  Life  : 2 Years 

How the product  Looks Like 
The oil is transparent and has a nice fragrance .

1. Free of harmful chemicals like Parabens , Mineral oils , Silicone , Artificial color or fragrance .
2. Is a Blend of some good oils like Coconut Oil , Avocado Oil , Almond Oil , Jojoba Oil , Lavender Oil & Vitamin E .
3. Coconut Oil Promotes hair growth and is a natural solution for cradle cap .
4. Almond oil makes hair stronger , smoother & shiner .
5. Avocado Oil stimulates hair growth .
6. Excellent Product Packaging .
7. Affordable Price .
8. Easily available on online stores like Amazon & Nykaa.
9. It's a light weight non sticky oil with a nice fragrance .

Cons :
Could not find any .

My Experience with this Oil 
I am using this oil past few days for my kids as well as myself .
I like it's fragrance and likes the fact that it's a blend of so many good oils .
It nourishes the hair and is non sticky .
Does not makes or look hair oily or sticky which happens in most of oils .
So a good one .

One can buy this product from  Amazon 

Hope you all liked this post & found it useful :)


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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Review of DeBelle Skin Moisturizer Orange Blaze

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from brand  DeBelle .
DeBelle is an Indian brand with some  good products in it's  list .
It's  product range includes Skin Moisturizers , Fairness Creams , Fairness Talcs , Gel Nail  Paints etc.
I have used it's Fairness talc before , it's a good product .
Today I will review it's  Skin Moisturizer Orange Blaze .

About the product
This Orange Blaze skin moisturizer is a product enriched with goodness of  Orange extract which completely moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
It's a Paraben free product with antioxidants which also gives UV protection .
Ideal for winters as it's moisturizing power is good .

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is good .
The moisturizer comes in a tube from which little amount can be easily squeezed out and used , so no wastage of product . 
It's Hygienic too :) 
And also Travel  Friendly , can be easily carried in a bag or purse .


Price :  Rs 225 for 80 ml
Shelf   Life : 2 years 

How the product looks Like 
It's like a thick cream , off white in color with a nice fragrance .
Gets easily absorbed in skin after gentle massage and does not makes the skin look or feel Oily :) 

1. Rich in antioxidants .
2. Has goodness of  Orange extract which good for skin .
3. Also gives UV protection .
4. Completely Moisturizes the skin and staying period is good .
5. Excellent product packaging which is travel friendly too .
6. Nice fragrance .
7. Does not makes the skin feel or look Oily .
8. Affordable Price .
9. Good Shelf  Life .
10. Paraben  free product .
11. Has Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 which is too good for skin .

It's  not a natural or herbal product , has some chemicals but all those are safe for skin .

My Experience with the product
When I received this product last week  , I checked  all the ingredients first as I do with any new product .  I googled the ingredients , all them are safe and are used in  various Skin care Products & Cosmetics .
I am using this Moisturizer past one week and I found it good  :)
It has a nice fragrance and it completely moisturizes the skin and it's staying power is good, Around 8-10 hours .
I use it at night as a hand and body lotion and it works well and we do need such products in winters  for complete hydration .
It easily gets absorbed in skin and  does not makes the skin feel or look oily .

IBB Rating :  4.5/5 

One can easily buy this product from online stores like Amazon .

One can check their site to know more details about this product and the brand 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .


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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Shop Stylish & Affordable Designer Dresses From Craftsvilla

Hello Every One
Back with one more interesting post .
Today I am going to share details of  an Indian  Online Store from where one  can shop  Affordable Designer Dresses .
I am talking about , India's  largest online ethnic store .
It connects local artisans and designers directly to global customers .
Craftsvilla is a place to discover Unique Indian Products including Hand made ,Vintage , Ethnic , Organic & Natural Products from India  .
The Best part is they have good quality products in affordable range .

One can shop variety of products from this store .

It's Product Range includes
Home Decor
Skin Care & Hair Care Products .

Again in Apparel section , one can find variety of  Indian Ethnic Wears like Sarees, Lehnga's , Gowns , Salwar Suits , Kurti's , Fusion  Wear and even Islamic Wear like Abaya's & Hijab .

One of the best section of this store is it's Designer Gown Section .
One can buy some stylish Gowns & Dresses at an affordable price .
When I checked their collection I was amazed to see some Pretty  Gown Design .

Right Now some sale is going on there , so after the sale price of these Designer Dresses  are much less than the Original Price and they are all in affordable range .
The Sale is around 50% and more which is too good :) 

This Blue Taffeta Silk Embroidered Designer Gown With Boat Neck Looks too Classy & Gorgeous .
It's  a ready made dress  available in various sizes .

This Sutva Blue Georgette  Embroidered Gown has Chinese Collar Neck Design which looks too good and this Dress is perfect for any Indian Festival or function .

The Royal Blue Peplum Top Gown is from House of Fashion .
With Lovely Embroidery and  A line design , it Looks Stunning :) 
It's  available in various Sizes and comes in an affordable price range .

This  Semi Stitched gown from  Momai Enterprise costs only Rs 1499 after discount which is too good . The Bold Blue Color & Pretty Floral design makes it  look adorable . 

This Maroon Color  Georgette Embroidered Anarkali Gown Looks Stunning and is a Perfect party wear & Function wear , Ideal for any Indian Festival or Function .

They have many more pretty  Gown Designs like this . 

One can choose products there by various filters like 

1. Price  Range ( which is between Rs 500 - Rs 5000) 
All in Affordable Range .

2. Type 
Gown , Kaftan or Dresses 
Choose what you like .

3. By Sleeves 
They have dresses with Full Sleeves ,Short  Sleeve , Cap Sleeve , 3/4th Sleeve etc.

4. Color 
One can choose their favorite color from the list .

5. Fabric
One can choose Cotton , Silk , Khadi , Chanderi Silk  , Bhagalpuri Silk , Bengal Cotton , the list is long :)

6. Work 
Embroidery , Kantha, Gota Patti , Madubani  , Mirror work  Choose what you like .

7. Neck Style 
Pretty Neck Designs like U , V , Boat , Square Neck , Round Neck all are available .

8. Length 
One can choose from Full Length , Calf Length , Knee Length etc.

9. Stitching Type 
Semi Stitched 
Ready made 

10. Discount 
From 10 % to 50% and more discounts are available .

So it's very easy  to search what one is looking for using these filters .

What I Liked about the Store 
1. Products  are of good quality & brand . 
2. Affordable Price .
3. Wide range of products to choose from .
4. Lovely & Pretty Designs .
5. Great  Discounts .
6. Various Payment options available including COD .
7. Easy return & refund policy . 

One can shop  products from Local Artisans which is other wise difficult to get . 

So do check the site and have a look on their products and buy something for yourself or your loved ones .

Hope You all Liked this Post and found it useful .
Do share your views if you have checked the store .

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Friday, 8 December 2017

Green Leaf Aloe Face Wash Gel Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review .
Today I am going to review a product from brand Brihans Natural .
It's  Green Leaf Aloe Face Wash Gel .

About the product
Green Leaf Aloe Face Wash Gel is an Ayurvedic product .
It's a Soap Free Gel with scrub beads .
With some excellent ingredients like Turmeric , Tea Tree Oil , Aloe Vera Gel  it's makes a perfect cleanser for all skin type , Specially for  oily skin as it has tea tree oil & turmeric .
It cleanses & exfoliates the skin and aloe vera gel in it moisturizes the skin .
So a good product .

Price :  Rs 65 for 60 gms 
Shelf   Life  :  2 years 

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good .
It's  in  a tube form from which little quantity of  face wash can be easily squeezed out to use .
It's travel friendly too .

The main ingredients are Aloe Vera , Tea Tree Oil , Turmeric .

How the Product  Looks Like 
This  face wash is a Yellow Color thick gel with small beads in it .
The Beads helps to exfoliates the skin .

1. Has Goodness of Aloe Vera , Tea Tree Oil , Turmeric .
2. Thoroughly cleanses the skin  removing dirt , Oil etc .
3. Does not makes the skin dry as it has Aloe Vera .
4. Nice Fragrance similar to turmeric .
5. Affordable Price .
6. Suitable for all skin type , Best for Oily Skin .

Available only on online stores .

What I liked about this product 
I am using this face wash past few days .
It's  a good product .
Since my skin type is Oily ,  I found it too good on my skin .
It Super Affordable , Rs 65  for  60 gms is too good .
It has small beads in it which also exfoliates the skin .
The product claims to remove blackheads , since I have not used this for a long period of time I can't say anything about it right now , can update after some more time .
But otherwise it's a  Decent Product in Affordable range .

IBB Rating  :  4.7 /5 

One can buy this product from online stores like Amazon or Flipkart .
One can also check at their site 

Hope You all Liked this Post & Found It useful :) 

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Introducing Mama Earth Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner

Hello Every One
Today I am going to Introduce & Review a New kind of product from India's famous Brand Mama Earth .
A new launch in  market , it's  Clean Cuties Skin Cleaner  , a product to remove ink & crayon marks from skin . An ideal product for school students :)

About the product
This Clean Cutie Skin Cleaner is a unique kind of product as never saw any such product from any other brand in market .
It's a Natural Hand Cleanser which cleanses  off  tough marks on skin  like that of  pens , crayons , sketch pens , even Lipsticks & Kajals .
It's a Certified toxin free product and has antibacterial properties and it also moisturizes & hydrates the skin .

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is too good .
Comes in a bottle from which it could be sprayed on cotton and can be used to clean the skin .
Product Packaging is similar to many other Mama Earth products , white bottle with green cap , which looks too good & cute :) 

Lavender Water 
Orange Oil etc 

Price : Rs 199 for 100 ml 
Shelf   Life : 2 Years 

One can see this nozzle , from which product can be sprayed  , so product packaging is excellent .

Since My Kids are Too Creative :) & Do lots of coloring activity this product is Ideal for them as I keep on asking them to wash and clean their hand after doing paintings & coloring .
I tried this product on my daughters hand , tried to remove sketch pens marks with this Cleaner .
And  it worked well .

One needs to apply this on a cotton wool and use it to remove stains & colors .
It does it job well , with in 2-3 swipes all colors and pen marks were gone .

What I Liked about this Product 
1. A toxin free product .
2. Free of Paraben , Alcohol , SLS , artificial color or fragrance .
3. Has goodness of Lavender water, Glycerin  & Orange Oil .
4. It's gentle on skin , does not makes skin dry or rough .
5. Orange Oil moisturizes & Hydrates the skin .
6. Excellent Product Packaging .
7. Affordable price .

IBB Rating : 4.8 /5 

One can buy this product from online stores like Amazon or directly from there website .
One can check the site here : 

Hope You all Liked this Post & Found it  useful .


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