Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Olivia Chandan Face Pack Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from brand Olivia .
It's their Chandan Face Pack Review .

About the product
Olivia Chandan Face Pack is a type of face pack made from Sandalwood  extracts & Glycerin .
It moisturizes and tones the skin and makes it soft .


Price & Shelf Life 
Price is Rs 80 for 80 gms and shelf life is 2 years 

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good .
The face mask comes  in a good quality plastic tub .

The product is a white color thick face mask .
One needs to wash and clean face and then apply a thick layer of this on their face and leave it for 20 minutes to dry and after that one needs to wash it off with plenty of water .

One feels fresh after using this as it removes all dirt and oil from face and face looks clean and bright .
Pros :
1. The product is effective as it removes all oil from face so ideal for oily skin .
2.Contains Snadal wood extract and Glycerin  both of which are good for skin .
3.Product packaging is good .
4.Shelf Life is sufficient for  long use .
5.Affordable price .
6. Nice Fragrance .

Cons :
This is not a herbal or Organic product so is not chemical free .
Not for people who look for chemical free product .

What the product Claims 
The product claims to moisturize and soften the skin .
It also claims that it tones the skin and makes it soft .

My experience with the product 
I have used this face pack , it's a good product in affordable range .
Since my skin type is oily I always look for products which are ideal for oily skin and this one does it's work well , helps to reduce oil from face .
It's a thick face mask , once dry  it needs to be washed off with plenty of water .

IBB Rating -- 4.5/5 

One can buy Olivia products from online stores like Amazon , Flipkart and Purplle .



One can check the site here 

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Introducing Glamego India's Most Affordable Beauty Subscription Box

Hello Every One
Back with one more Interesting post .
Introducing Glamego -- India's Most Affordable Beauty Subscription Box .

There are various subscription services in India, the most common ones are Beauty Subscription Box , which are very popular as they are economic as they offer some good beauty products at an affordable price .The list of these services is long and I am not going into details of it .
In this post I will talk about a newly launched Beauty Subscription service called Glamego .
I saw an unboxing of it at a channel on Youtube , Liked it and so placed an order and got my box with in few days .
The reason why it's becoming so popular is it's Affordable and very Inexpensive :-)
One month subscription box costs only Rs 199.
How Cool is that :-)

This is how the box looks like :

It's a cardboard box which is made from eco friendly products .

upon opening the box it looks like this :

This month's box has 4 products , 3 full size products  and 1 sample size product .

So this March Glam Box has following products :

1.Lass Naturals Foot cream (100 gms )
A full size product worth Rs 135 .

2. Bio Bloom Lip Balm Orange ( 8 gms ) worth Rs 115 
This is also a full size product 

3. Sea Soul Facial Kit Worth Rs 350 
This one is the most expensive product in this month's box .
It has several pouches to be used for home facial .

4. Thalgo Cold cream Marine ( 5 ml )
This one is a sample size product .

So these were the products in March Glam Box .

Except that Thalgo product all other are full size product and total value of these products comes around Rs 650 and one needs to pay only Rs 199 + Rs 10 for some service so it costs around Rs 210 .
So its a Value for Money .

What I liked about this subscription box :
1. Economical , one gets products much more than the price of box .
2. Placing order is quite easy at their website .
3.I got my box  with in 3-4 days of placing order , it did not took ages as it happens in some sites .
4. Products in this month's box are from Reputed brands not from Local ones . 
5. With 3 full size products this box is a Must Try one as there are many other beauty subscription services which fill their boxes with sample sized products .
6. One also gets some discount coupons on products they have already tried from them .
(Flat 50% off on all products that one receives in their box :-))

The only thing I wish  is these boxes were Personalized so that One gets products as per their skin type and choice .

IBB Rating -- 4.6/5 

So would recommend all to check the website once and if they want they can try this :-) 

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Smart Snacking Plans with SnackExpert

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do website review of a site which provides Healthy Snacks .
It's Snackexperts.Com .

About the site
Snackexperts   is a site where one can find various healthy snacking options .
Their snacks are of good quality , free of chemicals and harmful preservatives and are delicious :-)
They deliver their products all over India and they have various plans like :

1.Trial Box
It costs only Rs 150 and contains 3 Pouches of 50 gms each , so one gets 3 delicious snack packet at an affordable price .

2.Standard Box
It costs Rs 699 and it has 5 standard snack pouches of 150gms each . One can choose and select the snacks they want according to their taste and like.

3.Smart Snacker
It costs Rs 1799 for 3 boxes .
Snacks can be chosen from 50 + options .
With this box one also gets free #ichoosehealth goodies worth Rs 300.

So one can choose their plan and discover some great snacks at an affordable price at this site .

I got my Snack Box last week .
This is how it looks :

Packaging is good . All the snacks are in a good card board box , which can also be used to store some other stuffs .

Upon opening the box :

All the snacks were packed in Zip Lock pouch which is very good and easy to use .

It had 5 delicious snacks .

1.Old fashioned Nut Mix 
It's a mix of roasted peanuts , cashews and  nuts .
I loved it's taste .
2.Red Rice Crispies 
Its a type of healthy Murukku 
3.Chocolate Flapjack 
It's made from Jaggery , oats etc , it also tastes good .
4.Honey Roasted cashews 
Roasted cashew with honey tastes heavenly .
5. Chocolate Brownies 
It's like chocolate cake but the good part is it's made from Wheat flour and not white flour so its healthy .

What I liked about this site and these snacks
1.They have various healthy snacking options . One can choose according to their taste and budget .
2. All the snacks are healthy made from healthy options like wheat flour , Jaggery , nuts etc
3.They do  not use artificial colors or preservatives in their snacks .
4.Their snacks are free from artificial sugars , hydrogenated oils, emulsifiers , chemicals & transfats .
5. All snacks are fresh and well packed in Zip Lock pouches so after eating a little one can store them easily in the same pouch .
6.Placing order at the site is quite easy and they have various payment option including COD( Cash on Delivery ).

We all know that healthy snacking is very important as it helps to maintain weight , also helps to maintain blood sugar level  normal , increases energy for a long period of time .
The snacks available at super stores and grocery stores are not healthy as these products have lots of artificial colors , flavors and preservatives added to it which is very bad in long run as they can cause health problems , also increases weight .So one should always look for healthy snacking options which are good for health .

So would recommend all to visit the site once and have a look on variety of healthy snacks available there .
One can check the site here

IBB Rating -- 4.8/5

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Green Bliss Aloe Face Wash Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going review a face wash from a new brand Green Bliss .
It's Aloe Face wash Review .

About the brand
Green Bliss is a new brand in Indian market which provides Natural & Organic products.
It's  Product range includes Skin care , hair care , Body & Bath products.
Their  products are Vegan and are free of harmful chemicals .
Their products are certified Ayurvedic and are made from organic raw materials .

About the Product
This Aloe face wash is good product from this brand which has goodness of aloe vera and Tulsi and is suitable for all skin type .
Regular usage improves the facial skin and makes it appear younger and healthier .


Price :  Rs 275 for 110 ml 

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is excellent .
The face wash is in a plastic bottle with a dispenser from which one can easily take out small quantity of face wash for use , no wastage of product .

Pros :
1. Vegan Product .
2. 100% natural ingredients .
3. Free of harmful chemicals & preservatives .
4. Excellent packaging .
5. Contains goodness of aloe vera and Tulsi which are good for skin .
6.Suitable for all skin type .
7. Does it's work well , cleanses the skin properly without drying it .
8. Contains Pro Vitamin A , which is good for skin .
9. Contains Tulsi which has antiseptic & healing properties .

Cons :
1. Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores .
2. Price bit high as compared to face wash from other brands .

My Experience with the product 
I am using this face wash past few days .
It's a good product .
It's a  green color mild cleanser which thoroughly cleanses the skin and makes it oil free ( some thing which I always want as my skin type is oily ).
It has a nice mild fragrance which is good .
It does not dries the skin .

Good for people who want to use mild cleanser with aloe vera .

One can check the brand at their site 

One can also buy this product at site

IBB Rating -- 4.5/5 

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Unique Gifting Ideas With IGP.COM

Hello Friends
Today I am going to do a website review of  one of the Best Online Gift Store in India , IGP.COM

About the Store
IGP.Com is India's one of the largest online gift's  store with gifts for all age and all occasion .
Established in the year 2001 , it's one of the oldest , largest and most experienced online gift's store in India. They understand consumers gifting needs so well that they have some thing for all age group .

They have various categories of products like :
 1. Flowers
 3. Cakes
 4. Personalized gifts
 5.Artificial Jewelry
 6. Bags
 7. Apparels
 8. Home decor Products
 9.Festive Merchandise
10.Makeup and Skin care etc.

The Uniqueness of site has two major factors :
1. They have same day delivery network in 300+ cities in India and deliver to 7000+ Pin codes in India.
2. They ship orders to 150+  countries world wide including USA, UK , Australia , Canada .

So these two factors makes them Unique and The Best as compared to other online gifting stores .

The website is broadly categorized in to various categories :
They have products for :
Birthday Gifts 
Anniversary Gifts 
Gift for Women 
Gift for Men 
Gift for Kids & Infants 
Gifts for couple 

One can also browse by categories like 
Flowers & Cakes 
Toys & Games 
Gift Hampers 

They also have some Interesting categories like 
Gifts for creative women 
Gifts for Nature Lover Elderly Men 
Geek Teens and many more 

For special occasions like Birthday's & Anniversaries one can order Cakes which can be delivered the same day :-)
One can check here Cake Delivery

One can also choose personalized gifts for their dear ones at IGP 
It includes Birthday gifts , Anniversary gifts , wedding gifts even the Sorry Cards :-)
One can check  Personalized gifts at IGP .

One can even send Flowers to their near and dear ones in Gurgaon 
One can check here Flowers to Gurgaon

Now after browsing the site for some time I was quite impressed with the wide range of products available there and it was really difficult to choose one product .
There are many product in my wish List from this Wonderful site and after doing some research I finalized one product which I liked most and was hard to resist :-)
I placed my order and got my package with in 3-4 days :-) 

Product Packaging was good .
Nicely wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid any damage .

This is the Quilt I ordered from IGP :-) 
A Classy one in an Affordable Range .
It Costs Only Rs 1150 :-) 
It is so good that I am Loving it :-) and Happy that I chose a Good one .
One can Check the product here

Along with this I also got a discount coupon for my next purchase 

What I liked about the store 
My shopping experience with the site is good .
Navigating the site and searching the products is quite easy .
One can get various product in different categories in different price range so one can easily chose what they want according to their choice and budget .
Placing order is too easy , like a kid's Play .
My package arrived with in 3-4 days , If one wants same day delivery that option is also available .
Product packaging & Quality is good .
I got an Excellent Product at an Affordable Price .

The most important factor is we can send gifts to our near and dear ones via this site easily , either they are in India or abroad it is very easy to send some good gifts to them via this site .
Something which seems difficult and impossible like to send gifts to our relatives & friends living abroad is made possible by IGP .

So would surely recommend others to check the site and try it once .
One can check this Wonderful site here 

IBB Rating -- 4.7/ 5

Hope You all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful , do share your experience if you have shopped from here .

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Shop Natural & Organic Products From JasNaturals

Hello Every One
Today I am going to do a Website Review of an Online Store from where we can shop Natural and Organic Products , it's .
The Craze for Natural & Organic products is increasing in our society .
Since now we are aware of the ill effects of chemical laden products , we want to use natural products with no or minimal chemicals , the one which are safe to use and are really effective .
In past few years more and more brands have come up , which provide natural , herbal and organic products . Be it be Skin Care Products or Hair Care Products or Cosmetics every one wants to try natural ones .
After becoming a Beauty Blogger and after trying few Organic and Herbal brands , I would say Now I am also Obsessed with these natural  products :-)
I try my best to avoid chemical laden products and try and use products which have natural ingredients and are free of toxins .
Recently I won an Instagram Giveaway and Got a Gift hamper from JasNaturals :-)

My Hamper :

About the Brand 
JasNaturals is an online store from where one can shop natural skin care & hair care products .
They provide 100% Natural & Vegan Cosmetics , Skin Care and Hair Care products .
They have some products for Mom & Baby too .
The various brands they have in their list are :
1. Green Bliss
2.Fushia Vkare 
4. Oragnique 
5. Chetty 
6. Cosmetic Junction 
7. Veda Essence .

They have a monthly subscription box called Jas Box which is curated with 8 -10 excellent products which includes skin care , hair care & bath and body products .
The price for 1 month subscription box is around Rs 1099.

The products I got :

1. Two products from brand Fushia .
Fushia Cherry care hand and nail cream.
Fushia Verve face mask with Kiwi & Asparagus ( I have already used and reviewed this product , its an excellent face mask for all skin type ) 

2. Two Products from brand Chetty 
Herbal hair wash powder 
Orange Peel Powder 
This is a New brand for me , so will try these products and review them soon .

3. One product  from brand 
Rose Flower 
One needs to use this to make a Face Pack :-)

4. One Mulethi , turmeric and sandal soap .

5. One product from brand Green Bliss 
Almond Honey Toner 
Again this is a new brand for me , will come up with reviews soon .

So these were the products I got :-) 
All Natural & Vegan .
Quite excited to try and review these .

One can check the site to see some amazing products at affordable range 

What I liked about this Site 
1. They have all natural , organic & vegan products .
2. Products are 100 % Natural with no artificial color , fragrance  or preservatives in it .
3. Price of products are in affordable range .
Like the Orange Peel Powder and  Herbal Hair wash Powder costs only Rs 42 for 100 gms .
This is great thing as Natural Products from other brands are too expensive .
4.They have wide range of products in various categories so one can easily find the product they are looking for .
5. Product Packaging is good and I got all my products in good condition .

Hope You all like this post and found it interesting , do comment if you have tried any product from this site .
One can check their Facebook and Instagram page too to know more about their products.

See You all in my next post , till then Stay Happy & Stay Blessed :-) 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spinz Eau De Parfum Bloom Review

Hello Every One
Today I will Review a Perfume from an Old and Famous brand Spinz .

Spinz is a famous brand in Indian market from the house of  Cavin kare .
It has several products to offer like Spinz Perfumes , Spinz Talc , Spinz Deodorant etc.
Again Spinz Perfumes  are available in various Fragrance .
The one I got is Spinz Eau De Parfum Bloom , It  has mild floral fragrance .
A Perfect Gift for a Girl or Woman to make her feel like a Princess :-)

The Product Packaging is good .
It's a  glass bottle with a good look .
The packaging looks Classy .

Price and shelf Life 

Pros :
1. Nice Mild Floral  Fragrance .
2. Cute packaging .
3. Affordable price .
4. Good shelf life .
5. Easily available every where , on online stores and at retail shops .

Cons :
Could not find any :-) 

My Experience with  the product 
I have used some Spinz Pocket Perfume during my college days and was a Fan of it because of it's Lovely Fragrance and Pocket Friendly Price :-)
So when got this  Perfume in my mail last week was Over joyed and happy as it reminded me of some good old memories :-) 
I am using this perfume and I really liked it .
It has a nice mild fragrance similar to smell of citrus, flower  and soft wood,which stays for around 3-4 hours .
I  like perfumes like this which has nice mild fragrance , do not like the ones which have very strong fragrance as it can cause headache and also one feels like being with an artificial Smell .
Where as mild floral fragrance seems natural .

Would recommend others to give it a try as it's a good product in affordable range .

IBB Rating -- 4.8 / 5

One can check this product and other Spinz products at online stores like Amazon or Flipkart .

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