Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Get Healthy & Glowing Skin With Mama Earth Charcoal Face Wash

Hello Everyone
Back with one more  product review .
Today I will review a new face wash from  brand Mama Earth .
It's  Charcoal  Face Wash with activated charcoal  &  coffee .
I have used several  Mama Earth products and found them good .
Their face mask  C3 Face mask which has similar ingredients like this face wash is an excellent product . one can check it's  review here C3 Face Mask Review

This face wash is oil control & pollution free face wash with charcoal & coffee .
It's  hypoallergenic and SLS  & Paraben  free .

Product  Details  


How  it  Looks  Like 
It's  a black color face wash with  fragrance of activated charcoal .
Consistency is neither too thick nor  runny . 
Little amount of  it is sufficient to clean face and it lathers well .

It has a tube packaging so one can easily  squeeze out little amount of it and use .

It has a great ingredient list like Activated Charcoal ,Coffee ,Glycerin , Aloe Vera extract , Cedarwood oil all of which are good for Oily skin .

What the product Claims 
* Detoxify skin -- Activated charcoal in it detoxifies skin .
* Controls Oil Secretion -- Clay in it controls excess oil secretion.
* Unclogs Pores -- Activated charcoal  & clay unclogs pores and draws impurity from skin .


What I liked about this Product 
* Dermatologically tested product , free of SLS , Paraben , Artificial color & fragrance .
*  Great ingredient list .
* Thoroughly cleanses the skin and removes all dirt , oil from face .
* Unclogs pores and cleans skin from inside .
* Controls oil secretion from skin .
* Easily available  on online stores like Amazon , Nykaa .

My Experience with the product 
I am using this face wash past 2 weeks .
It's a good one .
Suited my skin which is Oily .
It does clean the skin thoroughly and skin feels oil free and good after using it .
Regular usage improves skin condition .
It makes skin healthy & glowing . 

IBB Rating -- 4.5/5 

One can buy this product from amazon .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful  , do tell me if you have used this face wash .


( PR Sample With Honest Opinion about product ) 

Monday, 10 September 2018

Shop Affordable Skin Care & Hair Care Products From Vaadi Herbals

Vaadi Herbals is a well known  Indian Brand with many good skin care and hair care products in it's range . It's products are easily available on Online stores and General stores .
It's  an ayurvedic brand and it's products are  natural and herbal and all are in affordable price range .

One can check their website here

Recently I got a chance to try some of  its  products.
In this post I will share my opinion about those products .

The products that I am trying are :
1. Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub with Fenugreek and Lemongrass  Oil .
2. Vaadi Herbals Amla Shikakai Hairfall & Damage Control  Shampoo .
3. Vaadi Herbals Corn Rose Conditioner .
4. Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap with Charcoal .

This is an excellent product with goodness of  Fenugreek , Lemongrass Oil , Jojoba Oil.
Fenugreek has anti inflammatory properties thus helps to reduce pain & swellings in feet.
Lemongrass oil has antiseptic , antifungal and antibacterial  properties .
Walnut scrub is a good exfoliant .
So all these ingredients makes this an excellent product .
Its a Yellow color scrub with nice fragrance .
I am using these scrub and I found it too good , it  helps to remove dead cells from feet and feet looks more clean and soft . 

Price  Rs 80 for 110 gms pack .

My Rating -- 4.7/5 

One can buy this product from  amazon 

We all know that Amla & Shikakai are both good for hair .
This shampoo from Vaadi herbals is enriched with Amla & Shikakai .
Amla has Vitamin C which works good on damaged hairs .
Shikakai is a natural herb  which cleanses and conditions the hair .

So both these makes this shampoo a good one .

Color of this shampoo is same as color of shikakai , dark brown and it lathers well and cleanses well .

Price : Rs 140 for shampoo & conditioner pack of 110 ml each .

My Rating : 4/5 

one can check this combo at amazon 

This is a pink color conditioner with  corn rose extract and hibiscus .
Both these ingredients are good for hair , control hair fall , makes hair smooth and frizz free .
It has a nice fragrance too . 

My Rating -- 4/5 

Scrubbing is an eminent part of skin care as it helps to remove dead cells , dirt and oil and make skin clean and smooth .
This soap has lemongrass & charcoal .
Fragrance of soap is too good and refreshing .
Price : Rs 245 for six 75gms pack .

The soap has a thick layer of scrub at one side .

What I liked about this soap : 
Nice fragrance so one feels refreshed after taking bath with this soap. 
Price too affordable , around Rs 44 for one soap . 
It's a herbal soap .

What I didn't Liked about this soap :
*The size of scrub particles are bit big , so it's not gentle on skin .
*All scrub particles  comes out after 2-3 usage , after which the soap becomes a normal one (without any scrub) 

My Rating --3/5 

So my Suggestion to brand will be to incorporate the scrub particles in the soap ( not all at one side ) and size of scrub particles be bit smaller .

Price wise and Quality wise it's good . 

So these are my honest opinion about Vaadi Herbal products . 
I have also used some other products from this brand and they were good .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .
Do tell me your opinion if  you have tried any Vaadi Herbal product . 


(* Products sent by brand , sharing my own opinion about these products ) 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Flame Test For Mother Sparsh Water Wipes

Wipes have become a part of  kids  hygiene routine as they are too useful and  handy .
It is used while changing diapers or after feeding to clean them up .
Even while travelling it's too useful  to clean and freshen them.
Today in market we can get wipes from various brands , from famous and reputed brands as well as from some local brands.
We buy without doing much research on quality , which is wrong , we need to check it's  quality before using it on our little ones .

Now the question is How to check it's quality ?

All look same and each brand claims that its  products are best in the market .

There is a Simple Flame Test by which we can test the quality of wipes .
We can know if  it is safe for our little ones or not , is it made from  biodegradable material or from polyester.
When we will burn the wipes if  it  burns like paper , forms ashes and  fumes means it is made from biodegradable material or else it is a synthetic one made from polyester .
If  its a synthetic one after burning its edges will be hard and it will not form ashes like paper .

In this post I will show How I did Flame Test for Mother Sparsh Water Wipes and what was the result.  

Mother Sparsh is a well know  Indian Brand famous for it's  Ayurvedic baby care products .
I  have used several products from this brand and found them  good .
The best part is they are chemical free and have affordable  price .

Last  month I have done a detailed post for Review of  Mother Sparsh Water Wipes .
One can check here 

I am using these wipes past one month and I found them too good .
These wipes are made from biodegradable plant based fabric , 
they are enriched with Vitamin E , Aloe Vera , Jojoba  Oil .
They are polyester free baby wipes and are PH balanced and skin friendly .
It is 98% water wipes so as good as Cotton & Water .
Since they are PH balanced they are Gentle on baby's  skin. 
These wipes are quite thick and do not tear while usage and also it smells good as enriched with Jojoba oil . 
These wipes are hypoallergenic and so will not cause rashes to baby's skin. 
As they have Jojoba Oil & Castor Oil in it , it cleanses and moisturizes baby's skin . 

After watching some video's on Youtube  on Flame Test I also tried this Flame Test to check the quality of these wipes .

I took out one of the wipes and burn it and could see fumes and ashes after some time.
It was burning like paper and smell was same as we get when we burn paper .
These ashes proves that it is not made from polyester ( no hard edges formed at end ) .

This test really made me happy that I am using a good product 
and Mother Sparsh is a brand one can trust .

Price of  these wipes is  Rs 170 for 80 wipes which is quite affordable .
Product packaging is good which makes it a  Travel  Friendly one.
One can easily take out one or two wipes for usage and cover the flap so to seal freshness .
They do not contain any harsh chemicals and parabens , So safe for small kids & infants .

So go ahead and check these wipes and buy it for your little one .

One can buy this product from online stores like  Amazon

One can know more about the brand and its  products at their website  Mother Sparsh .

Hope  you all liked this post and found it useful , do tell me if you have done Flame test for any wipes and its result .

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Introducing Premium Skin Care Products from Miracle Beauty Concepts

Hello Everyone
Back with one more interesting post .
Today I am going to introduce a new Skin Care brand to my readers

Its an Indian brand based in Bangalore .

I am trying some of  its products these days , will share my opinion about these products in this post .
The products  I am trying are :

1. MBC  Handmade Soap
2. MBC Bath & Shower Gel
3. MBC  Aloe Vera Face Wash
4. Speaking Tree Lemon Essential Oil

It's an aqua blue color bath gel .
Ingredients : Aloe Vera Gel , Hydrocel , Glycerine , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 
Price : Rs 275 for 150 ml
Shelf  Life : 12 months 

It has a nice fragrance and it cleanses well.
One feels fresh & refreshed after using it .

This is a hand made soap with Glycerine. 
It cleanses and moisturizes the skin .
Has a mild fragrance .
Does not melts fast like many other soaps . 

This is an Aloe Vera based Face wash suitable for all skin type , specially for Oily skin .
Ingredients : Aloe Vera Gel , Glycerine , Vitamin C powder 
Price : Rs 170  for 100 gms 
Shelf  Life : 12 months 
Has nice ingredient list and cleanses the skin well .
Has gel like consistency .

This is an excellent  product from Speaking Tree .
Its a type of essential oil with Lemon Fragrance.
It can be used for various purposes like :
* Can be mixed with some Carrier Oil like Coconut Oil , Olive Oil and applied on scalp , it would help to reduce dandruff problems and will relax mind and will help to get good sleep .
* It can be used as a Hand Sanitizer .
* It can be used as a room freshner .

What  I  Liked about these Products 
* Good  products at Affordable price .
* Excellent product packaging .
* Bath & Shower Gel is refreshing .
* Handmade soap is a good cleanser and moisturizer .
* Aloe Vera Face Wash is a mild gentle cleanser , suitable for all skin type.
* Lemon Essential Oil is an Excellent product with multiple usage. 

My Suggestion to Brand 
 Fragrance of  Aloe Vera Face wash isn't great .
It smells like pure Aloe Vera gel , which is too strong and overpowering .
So if any by any ways something could be done with it's fragrance , it would be good .

One can check their product range on their Instagram Page 
And Contact them to place order .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

(* Products sent by brand , sharing my personal opinion about it ) 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Shop Herbal & Natural Cleaning Products From Herbal Strategi

Hello Everyone
Back with some more reviews .
Today I will be reviewing some Home Cleaning products from Herbal Strategi .

Herbal Strategi is an Indian Brand with some great cleaning products in its range .
What makes it different from other brands is all its products are natural and herbal made with natural ingredients , so good for health .

I am using some of  it's products these days and found them good and effective.


Suitable to use on floor made with Tiles , Indian marble , Granite .
Not recommended on Italian marble and Hardwood floor .
Cleans stains , keeps insects away.
Ingredients : Cedarwood . Lemongrass oil , Sarala oil 
Price : Rs 299 for 2 Lts. 
One can buy this from  amazon 

It is a biodegradable kitchen cleaner made with plant extracts and some oils .
Its eco friendly and safe .
Keeps flies , bugs away .
Price : Rs 95 for 500 ml 
One can check this at  amazon 

It's a non toxic and biodegradable product .
Safe for kids with zero side effects .
Ingredients : Lemongrass , Tulsi , Eucalyptus 
Price :  Rs 165 for 100 ml 
One can buy here .
Since it does not contains harmful chemicals like that from other brands , one should use this in Monsoon & Winter season to control mosquito menace .

This is a foam hand wash .
Has a nice Lemony fragrance .
It's green in color and is in foam form .
Made from plant extracts and oils it has antibacterial properties .
It's  100 % herbal and eco friendly product .
Ingredients : Tulsi oil , Lemon oil , Lemongrass oil , Coconut oil 
Price : Rs 180 for  150 ml 
One can buy from amazon 

This is a herbal room freshener with nice lemony fragrance which removes odour from room and makes it fresh .
It's  an eco friendly product with all natural ingredients. 
It does not cause any side effect or respiratory discomfort .
Ingredients : Lemongrass oil , Cedarwood oil 
Price : Rs 199 for 250 ml 
One can check here 

What  I  Liked  About  These Products 
* Made with all natural ingredients.
* Free of  harmful chemicals which we usually find in cleaning products from other brands. 
* Nice fragrance of  all products .
* All these products are effective .
* Affordable  price .
* Easily available on online stores like Amazon .
* Not  tested on animals .

One can buy these products from Amazon or directly from their website .
Do check their website to know more details about it's products .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

(* Products sent by brand for review purpose , shared my own opinion about these products ) 

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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Shop Luxurious Silk Fabric From Tissura

Silk fabric is a natural and luxurious type of cloth  which comes in variety of weaves and finish.
From Chiffon to  Georgette , from opaque Crepe to Satin fabrics , silk is one of the most popular fabric among all.

It's absorbency makes it comfortable to wear  in warm weather.
It's used to prepare clothing such as shirt , ties , dresses , saree , blouse , robes , suits etc.

Apparels made from Silk or Silk blend  look Classy & Elegant .

One can shop silk from online stores or from local stores in their city .
Recently I came across an online store which offers Best Quality Silk .
At  Tissura one can buy  fine quality silk from world's top brands .
They have wide range of  silk in all textures.
They also develop their unique design and their production at the facilities of their European partners  Taroni , Belinac , Frontline etc .
One can shop high quality silk fabric for any occasion like party , functions , daily wear etc .

Tissura is a global network of  fabric shops and showrooms that has been presenting haute couture fabrics for almost 20 years. They are reliable partners of  leading French , Italian , Belgian , Swiss , British textile manufacturers .

While browsing the site I came across some beautiful prints and designs .

Silk Georgette
It's  lightweight , Semi Sheer fabric .
It's a type of  Italian silk with fine texture.
With lovely floral print in pink and green , it is soft to touch and breathable.
Suitable for making Blouses , Skirts , Dresses .

Silk  Organza
It is a sheer thin fabric constructed in a plain weave .
It's  lightweight and crisp.
It's  an Italian Silk fabric  ideal for making Party Gowns or Evening Dresses .

Silk Organza #1

Silk Crepe De Chine
It's  a plain woven fabric created  from high twist yarns.
It's  either opaque or semi opaque and  can have rough or smooth texture .
It's a durable fabric and is characterized by matte sheen.
With a vibrant color and polka dots its ideal for Spring Summer outfit .

Silk  Chiffon
Silk chiffon is a plain woven fabric .
It's lightweight and soft.
This white silk chiffon has a Floral  Japanese art style .
It's ideal  for making flowy dresses and skirts .

 Stretch Silk Satin
Made from 92% silk and  8% Elastane this lightweight  silk fabric  is comfortable to wear.
With an extremely easy drape and  a lovely sheen , this silk satin fabric is perfect for fashioning graceful blouses , skirts and dresses .

So these were the fabrics which is I liked at Tissura .
High Quality Fabric from Best brands of world .
Ideal to make Gowns , Skirts , Tops , Dresses for various occasions .

One  can prepare Stylish & Beautiful Gown  like this from silk fabric .

What  I  Liked about this Store
* High Quality fabrics from worlds top brands .
* Beautiful Designs & patterns .
* Some unique designs and patterns are available which are difficult to find at other stores.
* They offer worldwide shipping .
* Various payment options available like Debit Card , Credit Card , Bank Transfer etc .

Do check the store to see some unique and beautiful products  and shop something if you like one .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Gift Ideas For Your Cool Friends #Friendship

With  Friendship Day & Raksha Bandhan this month  people are busy deciding gifts for their friends & Siblings .
In  today's  post I will share some Gift  Ideas.

Few points are to be kept in mind before buying a gift for someone :

 Gift some useful stuffs
 I always prefer gifting useful stuffs to my near and dear ones , as when someone gets something which they need , they are too happy . It could be a small thing like a Makeup Product or something big and expensive like a Smartphone or a Wrist Watch .

 It's better to know their choice and preference as no one likes to get something which he/she doesn't likes much . Like choice of  brand , color , design etc .

                                                        SOME  GIFT  IDEAS 
1. Make up
It's not that since I am a beauty blogger I am writing Make Up first :)
It's because every girl /women loves to get makeup products as gifts ( this is my personal experience)
It's  said that a Women can never have sufficient  Lipstick and it's true :)
So if  not getting any other  idea better to gift some good makeup products to your friend or sister , she would love to have some more Lipsticks , Kajals & Mascara's .

2. Apparel
This is a tricky one as we need to ensure we know correct size and taste of  person we are gifting .
As different people have different choice of  color , design .
So if  have good idea on taste of  the person then only go for it or else avoid it .

3. Wrist Watches
Some good looking and cool watches always make a great gifting option , specially for women /girl as they use it as a accessory and sometimes as a Jewelry piece ( If it's too expensive and from a top brand ) .

4. Bags
Girls and their Bag /Purse collection .
They are never satisfied with how many they have :)
And always complain I don't have much :)
So do consider this as a gifting option with some common colors like Black or Brown in mind as can be mixed and matched with any outfit .

5. Healthy Snacks
It might sound bit weird but believe me it's not that bad :)
We can gift some healthy snacks to our near and dear ones .
When Tummy Happy , Baby Also Happy :)
One can gift Some dry fruits like Roasted Almond , Pistachoes etc .

6 . Jewelry
Gone are the days when ladies used to invest only in Gold or Diamond ,
Now a days trend has changed , Girls love to wear more of  Artificial Jewelry which are  stylish and gives a cool look .
So gifting some good artificial Jewelry is always a good idea .

7. Personalized Gifts
This is my favorite one.
I love gifting Personalized gifts to my near and dear one as one feels extremely happy when gets such gifts . There are many online stores from where one can buy such gifts like IGP , Perfico etc .
I have shopped from these sites and found  their  products too good .

This friendship day I gifted something to my Bestie and would like to share that here .
I placed order for that on Amazon and my friend got it just before Friendship Day .

Zokasa She Is My Sister Coffee Mug For Best Friend Girl

One can check this product  here .

Tied Ribbons Friendship Day Best Designed Cushion (12 inch x 12 inch) with Filler

One can check this Lovely Cushion at  amazon .

So one can find and buy such lovely gifts for their friends :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful. Do tell me your views on this post .

I am writing this post as a part of  Monsoon Carnival .

Thanking hosts  Sayeri of and Jhilmil of  for having this fun carnival .

I would like to thank  Princy of  blog   for  introducing me to this blog carnival .
Would like to introduce my fellow blogger Paresh  of   in this carnival .
Do check their  post in this series .


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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Enjoy Monsoon With Healthy Food & Drinks

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Monsoon being much awaited season after summer comes with lots of  things like Blooming flowers , Mitti ki khusbu , Tip-tap raindrops , Dip in temperature ( much relief from scorching summer heat).

All these being pleasant ones and people do enjoy rainy season and its delicacies .

But there are some unpleasant and unwanted things too  like virus , bacteria , germs , mosquitoes  and health problems related to these.
So one need to be careful and should take proper measures  to protect oneself from all these .

Taking healthy food & drinks during monsoon is too important  to stay healthy and develop immunity.

Some Tips for Having  Healthy  Food  During  Monsoon 

* Lower down salt intake as it causes water retention and more health problems during monsoon .
* Avoid fruits like watermelon as it can cause bloating .
* Avoid spicy food as it can raise body temperature and can cause allergy .
* Use of  bitter gourd and turmeric can help in preventing infections .
* Prefer boiled and purified water so to avoid water borne diseases .
* Avoid street food , they are too tempting but better to avoid street food because of  hygiene reasons and  prepare healthy snacks at home. 

Some Foods To Avoid  in Monsoon 
1. Leafy Vegetables 
The grime and dampness present in it makes them susceptible to germs.
2. Fizzy Drinks 
It reduces minerals in our body which in turns leads to reduction in enzyme activity. 
3. Fried  Chicken 
The highly humid monsoon weather causes digestion process to slow down , so better take chicken soup than fried chicken . 

Some of  the popular  Monsoon Food 

Liked by all , its delicious and healthy .
It's a rich source of  Fiber , Vitamin C , Folate , Proteins & carbohydrate .
Vitamin C in it acts as antioxidant and  improves immunity .
It also helps to feel fuller for longer thus helps to maintain weight. 

Soups are  healthy as low in calorie and rich in fiber .
One can prepare vegetable soups or even chicken soup in monsoon. 
Hot soups are relishing and delicious and liked by people of all age group .
Easy to digest and gives instant energy and some  relief from cold .

Instead of simple milk tea one can prepare masala tea in monsoon & winters .
Adding a little of  ginger , cardamom not only enhances flavor  but also increases medicinal value . 
Prevents cold & cough problems. 

Green tea has numerous health benefits .
They are rich in antioxidants , helps to control weight .
Helps to flush out toxins from the body .
One can enjoy green tea in monsoon to stay healthy & active. 

Past few years I am drinking lots of  green tea because of its health benefits .
Recently I saw a new brand  on Amazon , TE-A-ME 
It has some wonderful flavors of  tea .
I have tried few and liked them , good to taste & are refreshing .
Flavors like Peach Tea , Lemon Honey are too good .

They have some flavors in Wellness Infusion Tea .
The one flavor  which  I want to try is Cardamom Turmeric Tea .
It's  a blend of  Golden Turmeric , Cardamom & Fruity Orange peel .
It's rich in antioxidants and helps to flush out toxins from the body and improves immunity. 
We all know health benefits of cardamom and turmeric , when blended in a green  tea is too good .
Since it's packed in a Tea Bag , very easy to prepare  , one can add honey or sugar as per taste or can simply have it without any sweetner. 
These  packs are Travel  Friendly too .
One can easily carry these tea bags in purse or bag and can enjoy it anywhere . 
One can buy these Tea from online stores like Amazon . 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

This post is a part of  Monsoon Carnival  hosted by  Sayeri of  and 
Jhilmil  of 
Would like to Thank our prime sponsor TE-A-ME and hosts  for hosting this Monsoon Carnival .


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Monday, 13 August 2018

Shop Beautiful & Affordable Salwar Suits From HomeShop18

Salwar Suit being most preferred apparel of  Indian women has its place in wardrobe of  almost  every girl /women .
Reason - Its gives a decent look .
                Its comfortable .
When paired with a nice dupatta , it gives a lovely traditional look .

Salwar Kurta or Salwar Kameez is a traditional  outfit originating from  Indian Subcontinent.
It was originally traditional dress in  Punjab region but slowly gained popularity and became common  in every part of country.
One can know more about it at  wikipedia .

One can buy salwar suits  from  Online stores or from Malls or small shops in their city .
But past few years more and more people are placing order online for salwar suits .

* Good discounts
* More options from various brands
* One can shop salwar suits from various Indian Cities from their home
    which is otherwise difficult to get.
   Like we can shop Bandhej Suits of  Rajasthan ,Lucknowi Chicken suits or Kashmiri suits .
   This makes shopping exciting .
* Shopping online is easier as compared to visiting various stores .

I am also doing online shopping past few years and have shopped Salwar Suit many a times and was happy and satisfied that I could get good products at discounted price.

Of the various online stores I  have shopped from , one is 
It's a famous online store and it even has a TV channel  from where one can place order  , So it becomes easier for anyone to place order at this site .

One can get wide range of  products at this store .
Regarding Salwar suits  one has more than 8000 options to choose from.
One can shop latest design salwar suits from Homeshop18.
Palazzo , Anarkali or a simple salwar suit everything is available there.

There are various filters by which one can select  their favorite one .
Like one can search by
Type etc

One can also look for some deals or offers to get good discounts .

When I was browsing the site I liked few salwar suits :

De Marca Unstitched Salwar Suit  Black

This is a Georgette Embroidered Party Wear Suit .
Looks too good and can create a stunning look.
Available at a 50%  discount it makes a good deal .
I love such suits as they are comfortable and Classy and makes one feel like a DIVA .

Ethnic Basket  Women's Salwar Suit Peach

This is a beautiful Anarkali Salwar Suit .
Heavy work in the kurta makes it stand out in the crowd .
Available at a discount of 58% , it makes a great deal .
Ideal for a party or a function.
When matched with ethnic jewelry will give a true Indian Look .

Aasvaa Women's Unstitched Salwar Suit

One can buy suits like this for daily wear .
They are comfortable and gives a simple yet elegant look .
Cotton Salwar Suits like this are ideal for Indian Climate as we sweat a lot in summer and cotton suits like this one are gentle on skin and comfortable to wear .
With its vibrant color and design it makes one feel beautiful.

So these are the ones I liked , Do check the store and  check their collection of salwar suits , one can avail good discounts on many products .

There are various videos available on Youtube from which one can easily learn cutting and stitching of  salwar suits .
It's  not that difficult and one can give  a try .

( This video is not mine , I have added  here just for information ) 

One  can shop dress material from  Homeshop18 and  can try to stitch their own salwar suit .

What  I  Liked  About This Store
* Wide range of options , One can choose as per their choice and budget .
* Salwar Suits of different type from different parts of  India available  here .
* Affordable Price .
* Good discounts and deals .
* One can also select product as per Customer Rating.
* One can pay via various payment options  like Credit card , Debit Card or COD .
* Easy returns and exchange .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

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Friday, 10 August 2018

How To Make Baby Sleep Peacefully When Suffering From Blocked Nose

Blocked nose or congestion is a common problem in small kids and infants .
It not only disturbs baby's eating habit but also disturbs his/her sleep .
Which is too bad as lack of sleep can make baby cranky and irritated , it affects baby's health and also becomes difficult for parents to handle the baby at that time .

The  reason why they  frequently get a  blocked nose is because the normal collection  of mucus is very difficult for the little ones to discharge . So when their nose is blocked , they have difficulty in breathing which leads to eating and sleeping problem too.

Children between the age group of 0-1 years are obligatory nose breathers , while feeding , they breathe from the nose , so if their nose is blocked  it becomes difficult for them to breathe .

Hence , it is very important  to unblock their nose , so that they feel good and happy , can eat well and play well .

Things one can do to unblock baby's nose : 
* Feed the baby with plenty of  liquid so as to thin out mucus in the nose and help it to flow better outside .
* A saline solution also helps in cleaning the nasal cavity and nose .
* Nasal decongestants like nose sprays or drops also helps to clean the nasal cavity .
* One can use a humidifier in the baby's room during play and sleep.

One can buy nasal decongestant  from reputed brands like Nasivion which has effective products in it's  range as Nose Drops and  Nasal  Solutions but do so only after consulting a pediatrician.

One can try these products 

Nasivion  Mini (Baby )  Nose Drops 
It's in drop form . It's active ingredients Oxymetazoline is well tolerable on nose and provides upto 10 hours of easy breathing .
Each ml of Nasivion Baby nose drop contains 0.01 mg Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride in buffered aqueous solution . 

For baby's upto 4 week  use one drop of  the solution in each nostril 2-3 times a day .
From 5th week - 1 year  1-2 drops of the solution in each nostril  2-3 times per day or as suggested  by the  physician .

Nasivion Paediatric ( Child ) Nose Drops 
Each  ml of Nasivion Child nose drops contains  0.25 mg of  Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride in buffered aqueous solution .
This is also in drop form .
This is for children aged between 1-6 years .

1-2  drops 2-3 times a day or as suggestion  by the physician .

This should not be used for more than 10 consecutive days .

Nasivion  Saline Nasal Solution  
It is a safe solution for  dry stuffy nose of your little  ones .
It's an isotonic saline solution  that provides a natural way to soothe dryness .
It can also help to improve nasal hygiene .

2-3  drops in each nostrils 3-4 times a day or as directed by the physician.

Nasivion Nasal Saline Solution is the first line of  treatment as it is safe and can be used by anyone , but remember to consult a physician before you use it . 
If the problem is aggravated then after consulting a paediatrician , one can opt for Nasivion ( Mini ) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Paediatric  (Child ) nose drops depending upon the age of child .

One can check these products at their website 

Parenting is not easy especially with small kids and infants one needs to be extra careful as they are too small to explain their problem to their parents. 
When they are not feeling good they simply cry .
We need to understand their problem or pain  and act accordingly.
In case of a blocked nose or congestion , they cannot explain themselves , we need to check if they are having blocked nose and are finding it difficult to breathe .
So that we can take action immediately and let them enjoy their childhood fully and let them have good sleep and play time .
If not treated properly , this nasal congestion can cause lots of  troubles and issues and can affect overall health and well being  of a child .Their  immunity can become weak and this make them fall ill again and again .
So better to  take the required action immediately . 

One can check this video to know more 

Through their campaign Happy Nose Happy Mom  Nasivion is  highlighting the facts about underlying problems due to nasal congestion and the need of it's timely treatment . So to make baby and mom happy .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Review of Mama Earth Men's Grooming Products

Hello Everyone
Back with an interesting post on Reviews of  Mama Earth Men's Grooming Products .

In this post I will be reviewing two products from Mama Earth , these are newly launched products in Men's Grooming section.

Mama Earth Reboot After Shave Lotion
Mama Earth Restore Beard & Hair Oil

Mama Earth Reboot After Shave Lotion 
This is a toxin free , alcohol free after shave lotion with great ingredient list .
Priced at Rs 349 for 100 ml this is ideal for men who want an alcohol free product .
It has astringent which  soothes nick & cuts.
Menthol gives cooling effect .
Tea tree oil and other oils in it  acts as a moisturizer .

Ingredients : 
Green Tea Extract 
Cedarwood Oil 
Patchouli Oil 
Tea Tree Oil 
Xanthan Gum 
Jojoba Oil 
Sweet Almond Oil 

How it looks like 
It's a white color moisturizer . 
Gets easily absorbed in skin . 

One can buy this product  from amazon 

Mama  Earth Restore Beard & Hair Oil 
It is a Multipurpose Oil with blend of some good oils like Tea Tree Oil ,Vetiver & Thyme.
Nourishes the hair and makes it stronger and thicker .
Dermatologically tested and PH  balanced.
Free of  SLES , Parabens , Artificial color & Fragrance . 
It has Thyme Oil which fights dandruff and thinning of hairs .
Argan oil in it controls frizz. 

Price : Rs 399 for 100 ml 
One can check this at  amazon 

How the oil looks like 
It's  a colorless oil .

I gave the beard oil to hubby and after shave lotion to my brother , So that they can use and tell me how they felt after using these products :) 

Brother's  Opinion about  Reboot After Shave Lotion 
It's  a good  product with Great Fragrance .
Much better than other after shave lotions available in market. 
Small quantity is good enough to do it's work. 

It does inflame a little . 

Over all an effective product  .

Hubby's View about Restore  Beard &  Hair Oil  
Hubby is using this oil past few days.
It has a nice fragrance  something similar to Camphor :) 
He is applying this on his beard :) 
And saying now my beard hairs are better than before , less Frizzy and more Soft  :) 

What I  liked about these products 
* Toxin free products.
* Free of  harmful chemicals like SLES , Parabens , Artificial Color & Fragrance.
* Great Ingredient List.
* Excellent product packaging. 
* Affordable Price .
* Easily available on online stores like Amazon . 

Suggestion to brand : 
Since  Reboot  After Shave Lotion inflame a little , Menthol  Concentration in it should be reduced .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful. 

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(* Products sent by brand for review purpose )