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Shop Pretty Jewellery From PreciousYou

Hello Everyone 
Back with one more interesting  post  on  my Shopping Haul from  is an online store  where one can shop Designer Jewellery at affordable price . 
I placed order for three pieces of  Jewelry .
A necklace and two Pretty Earrings :) 
It's earrings collection is awesome and one can get some unique designs there . 

I  received my package with in 3-4 days  of placing order .

All jewelry pieces were bubble wrapped and all three pieces was in a plastic box .
So one receives  products in good condition. 

These are the three pieces of Jewelry which  I have ordered . 

A  Hansli  Necklace and Matching  Earrings .

Suave Statement  Hansli 
 This necklace is a Hansli with some semi precious stone on it .
Price : INR 999 ( after discount ) 

Neenakshi  Earrings 
Made from rough semi precious stone this earring look Bold & Beautiful .
It's meant for ladies who are Bold and wish to have a style statement .
Price : INR  999 ( after discount ) 

Royalty  Chandelier  Earrings 
This is a beautiful  earring made from rough semi precious stones .
I loved the design and color of stone .
The small Jhumki in it makes it ideal to be paired with Indian Ethnic Wears .
Looks too pretty and one feels like a Diva after wearing it :) 

Price : INR 999 ( after discount ) 

On a closer look one can see fine Jaaldar work on it which makes it look distinctive and  beautiful .

What  I liked about these products 
* Beautiful  Designs 
* Good quality 
* Distinctive designs which makes them look different from others .
* These pretty jewelry pieces can be  paired with both Indian & Western outfits. 

What I liked about this site 
* Good quality products.
* Beautiful designs.
* Wide range of  products and designs to choose from.
* Affordable Price.
* Easy to place order.
* Courier reaches quickly ( with in a week's time ) 
*Easy payment options like Credit card , Debit Card , Net banking etc.
* Ships all over India. 

So this was my shopping haul from

Do check the site and their products and place your order if you like something from there :) 


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Entrepreneurship Opportunity For Women

Work from Home is something which most of  the young moms look for these days.
As they want to spend more time with their kids and family and at the same time want to utilize their free time positively , doing some work and earning a decent income.

I  was  also looking  for various work for home options , while researching for opportunities online came across lots of  jobs which claim to give decent / consistent income  throughout  the year.
I applied to a few of  these was disappointed to see one has to pay joining fees to start working.
Later I came to know these are fraud schemes to lure  job seekers to pay money and evaporate.
I am happy that I didn't  fell prey to these schemes.

I have been hearing from few friends who sell women ethnic clothing on WhatApp & Instagram .
This has always appealed to me  but of  now a lots of  people  are doing the same.
While researching for more I came across this website . It's Mumbai based and they are manufacturers and wholesalers  of  women western apparel.

Since I  stay in Hyderabad  I wasn't very sure about it as I hadn't heard about the brand ever.
I looked on JustDial to make sure that they physically  exist and was happy to know they do.

One can check their website here :

I signed up to their website and my account got activated after getting a call from one Mr. Sameer  who asked me if  I am a reseller and I told him about my plans hesitantly that I do not have a store ,
Still he activated my account.

One can create an account here : Customer account

When I checked their store , the prices seemed very low , getting tops at a price of  Rs 100 or Rs 110 still seems abnormal or too good to be true.
I thought of enquiring about  COD option ( cash on delivery option ) .
I called at number 7666 662266 and enquired about COD , about which they said company does not do COD as most logistic companies in India  would not agree to 20Kg parcel to and fro. Though the logic was correct but red signal was everywhere.

They told me that I could visit  one of  their resellers in Hyderabad  to check the quality of products before placing order. I was happy to know they had resellers in almost all  major  cities of  India.

They don't  do  dropshipping as of now , so one needs to buy products of  minimum value of  5K to see the  checkout button  on their website . I am still on their website , adding & removing products from cart . I will start in a few weeks time.

For you guys , give it a try and if possible , convince the company to start dropshipping.

Some other note : has successfully sold it's products online on Flipkart  but discontinued  to focus entirely on B2B .

Once you create an account with the website , your account comes for approval .
Once it is manually approved to make sure the registered client  is  further reselling , you have access to the wholesale price on the website .
You can check  their collection and make purchase , minimum cart value is 5K.

So this way one can become a reseller and  it seems a good work from home option to earn extra income .

I am still checking  and figuring out  how to proceed and make this a good earning opportunity for me , Will come up with more details after some time in another post :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

Do share your views on this , would like to know your thoughts .


Thursday, 14 June 2018

How Do Beauty Bloggers Review Products

Being a  Beauty Blogger is not an easy task and I mean it.
Some three years back when I started blogging I used to buy products to review .
After six months of  blogging  when I started getting products from various brands for review , the first thought that came to my mind was " Beauty Bloggers are Testers " .
We need to test and try new launches and then give honest reviews ( Positive ones ) of  it on our blog.
Since my skin is bit sensitive , I was bit hesitant to try everything on my face , fearing it might cause  breakouts. But work is work , needs to be done.
Then I started choosing brands which were offering Natural , Herbal &  Organic products as products from these brands are toxin free , have no or less chemicals and so are safe to use.
Still I do a Patch Test before applying anything on my face :)

In this post I will Share  " How Do Beauty Bloggers Review Products "

* Once we get  some Skin Care or Beauty  Products from a brand , we need to try it , use it for some time and then write a detailed review of it on our blog and social media handles.

* Upon receiving a product , the first thing I do is Click some good pictures of  it . So that I get clear pictures of  products as  many a times during usage the bottle/Jar/Container becomes  dirty and then Pictures are not too good.

* Then  I do a Patch Test .
I apply that product at  elbow areas and leave it for some time , if  it's  not causing any allergy or rashes , then it's  good and it means it suits my skin , So I can use it without worrying much.

* Next I start using the product.  If  it's a Skin Care product like some Moisturizer , Face mask , Scrub , Body oil etc  then we need to use it regularly for some good period of time like 15-20 days , as only after that we can come up with detailed & honest reviews . But if  it's a Makeup Product then by using it for a week or so one can write it's review.

* If  it's  a baby care product , then before giving it to my kids , I try those products myself , if  it's   good then I give it  to my kids to use or else not.

* After using the product for some time , We write it's review on our blog & Social media handles.

* Review post is a detailed one , includes all product details like Packaging , Shelf Life , Ingredient List , Price , Color , Texture , Fragrance .
Then how to use the product .
Next is Pros & Cons.
Most important is Personal Opinion about the product.

With all these details review post is ready and is shared on various social media sites so as to reach more people.

While writing review one needs to keep in mind to write an Honest Review , one needs to give details like  What they think about the product and brand , Quality of  Product , Price ( Is it too expensive or Okay ) , Most important  Is it  Worth Buying ??

Usually brands prefer and want  only positive and good reviews , ignoring the Con Part , but it's the duty of a blogger to give Honest Opinion about products as it helps others to make right decision while buying or choosing a product or a brand.
Since readers do believe what bloggers write so it's our responsibility to give true & honest opinion.

So this is the way We ( Beauty Bloggers ) review products and share our experience and opinion about a brand or a product :)


This Post is a part of  Blog Birthday Celebrations Contest hosted by  Zainab  and  Geethica

Do check their blog to know more details about Blog Birthday Contest & Giveaways.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful :)


Monday, 28 May 2018

Feel Like A Diva With Divatress FreeTress

** This is a Sponsored post , All Opinion are  mine.

Hairs  being one of  the most important part of  female beauty needs to be taken care of  and one can also use various hairstyles to create gorgeous looks.
One can create distinctive looks by  using Hair Extensions like freetress hair  from Divatress.

Divatress is a leading online store & company from where one can shop thousands of  wigs and hair care products. Their client range includes from Beauticians , Students , Working Mothers etc.

FreeTress has amazing Ponytails , Braids , Buns & Wigs to help one create gorgeous looks.

When I browsed the site saw some good  braids .

1. FreeTress Large Box Braid 14" 
It's  a  beautiful  Pre Looped  braid available in various colors.
Made from Quality synthetic fiber , it's ideal for  daily use by students and working moms .

2. FreeTress Africana Braid  84"
Made from premium synthetic fiber , it's  tangle free and easy to brush.
It's  flame retardant fiber.

3. FreeTress  3X  Africana  Braid 
Made from 100 %  Soft Kanekalon it's tangle free and easy to brush.
With a total  weight of 480 gms it's a flame retardant one.

4. FreeTress Equal Ponytail -Yaky Straight  18" 
Available in various colors it is made up of fibers exclusively developed for weaves.
It is made  from world's most advanced synthetic hair.
Gives a Simple yet Elegant look as it's quite easy to put this drawstring ponytail. 

5. FreeTress Equal Ponytail Yaky Straight  12"
It is made from premium quality synthetic fiber  that looks like sleek and  smooth real human hair.
It is flame retardant and heat safe. 
One can use curling or flat irons.
This attractive medium length pony has a drawstring and  two inner combs for easy and secure attachment. 
It comes in a wide range of  dazzling  color blends.
One can try this hairstyle for special occasions.

So these were some of  the products  which I liked from Divatress.
Do check the store to have a look on variety of  hair  products  there and shop one you like.
One can easily place order at the site and they ship their product to India.
One can pay by various payment options like Debit Card , Credit Card , Paypal etc.

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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Bamboo Charcoal Nose Mask Review

Hello Everyone
This is a Guest Post by  Sravanya G , Blogger and owner of   Hyderabad Beauty Blog .
One can connect with her on Facebook  &  Instagram .

Review of   Bamboo  Charcoal  Mask
Received  in Grabox  ( a monthly subscription box )

Bamboo charcoal nose mask comes in a sachet form which is medium in size.
The product information is given in back side of  sachet  but it's in Chinese language so difficult to understand.

Inside the pack there is a black colored nose mask , which comes in form of  nose shape.
The best part about the nose mask is  that it is quite comfortable on your nose.
The nose mask fits exactly on your nose and helps in removing blackheads & whiteheads both.

Now coming to the actual performance part of  this nose mask :
It does a good job in removing blackheads & whiteheads from your nose.
It needs to be sticked to your wet nose  and then you need to leave it for 8-10 minutes and then the mask needs to be removed . Just lightly hold the end part of nose mask and it will get removed easily.

Post removal of  the nose mask  you will realise that your nose area is not dry which happens with most of the nose mask. It keeps the skin soft and moisturized , so it is good for dry skin also apart from normal & oily skin.

1. Travel friendly packaging.
2. Comes with goodness of   charcoal mask .
3. Good for all skin type , effective on dry skin also.
4. Effective in removing blackheads & whiteheads.

Product details written in Chinese Language so difficult to understand.

Rating - 4/5

Would I recommend this product to others ?
Yes  , for  beginners  this nose mask is perfect .

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Review of Mama Earth Foaming Face Wash & Dusting Powder for Kids

Hello Everyone
Back with some more product reviews from famous brand MAMA EARTH .
Last month I  have done reviews of  some new launches from this brand ,
one can check those reviews  here .

In today's post also  I will review some more new launches from this brand in baby care section.
The two new launches are  Dusting Powder for Babies  &  Foaming Face Wash  for Kids .

It's a totally new kind of  product in Indian market .
A foaming  face wash  for kids .
It's a coconut based cleanser which is free of chemicals.

Product  Packaging 
Product packaging is good , the face wash comes in a good quality plastic dispenser with a nozzle at the top from which little quantity of product can be taken out .

Price :  Rs 349  for 120 ml 
Shelf   life : 2 Years 

How the Face  Wash  Looks Like 
It's a pale yellow color liquid but when pumped out it comes out as White Foam , that sounds interesting :) 
So it's a foamy cleanser .

1. Free of  harmful   chemicals like Paraben , SLS , Petroleum , Artificial  Fragrance.
2. Has excellent ingredient list like Aloe Vera , Coconut , Calendula.
3. It is PH balanced  Tear Free formula , so ideal for kids.
4.It's  dermatologically tested so safe for babies skin.
5. It Gently cleanses the skin and keeps it moisturized.
6. Excellent product Packaging.
7. Good Shelf  Life.

One can buy this product from amazon .

It's  an  Organic product .
Made from natural ingredients it is a Talc Free dusting powder.
It's dermatologically tested and free of harmful chemicals .

Arrowroot powder 
Lavender Oil 
Zinc  Oxide 

Product Packaging 
Product Packaging is good and  one can easily dust powder from it .

Price : Rs 199 for 100 gms 
Shelf   Life :  2 Years 

1. It's a Talc Free formula with all natural ingredients.
2. Excellent ingredient list like arrowroot and oat starch.
3. Oat Starch absorbs excess sweat and keeps baby's skin dry.
4. Zinc Oxide in it prevents diaper rash.
5. Cornstarch and  lavender Oil keeps baby's skin soft.
6. Free of harmful chemicals like SLS , Parabens , Artificial color , fragrance.
7. Excellent product packaging.
8. Affordable Price .

One can check this product at amazon 

My kids are using these products these days .
I tried the foaming face wash myself and found it good .
It's a  mild cleanser which gently cleanses the skin and does not makes it dry .
Since it has all natural ingredients and is a tear free formula it's  ideal for  small kids.
Kids will also love to use this since it's  a  Foamy One :) 

The Talcum Powder is also good  with nice refreshing fragrance.
It quickly absorbs all moisture from skin and keeps the skin dry .
So  ideal for small babies and infants .

The Best part is these products are Safe Certified & Toxin Free.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views if you have tried these products for your kids.


(* PR Sample  with my own opinion  about  products ) 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes

Mother Sparsh is an Indian Ayurvedic brand which has some good baby care products in it's range .
I have reviewed some of its products earlier , 
one can check here .

One can check their site at 

This Mother Sparsh Water Baby Wipes is 98% water wipes .
Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E , its ideal for baby's skin.

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is good .
Wipes are  packed in a pull off  package and quite easy to use.
After taking out  required number of wipes , one can seal the pack so to maintain freshness.

These wipes are quite thick and do not get teared while usage.
And are good enough to clean baby's skin .

It has some excellent ingredients like Jojoba Oil , Castor Oil , Glycerin all of which are good for skin. 

Price : Rs 175 for 80 Wipes .

1. 98 % Water Wipes so as good as cotton and water.
2. Free of  Alcohol , Parabens.
3. Made from 100% Plant Fabric.
4. Its PH balanced so safe for baby's skin.
5. Has Jojoba Oil , Castor oil , Vitamin E. 
6. Its hypoallergenic.
7. Affordable Price.
8. Good product packaging.
9.Quality of wipes is too good .
10. Prevents Diaper Rash. 

Could not find any :) 

IBB Rating : 5/5 

I tried these wipes myself  first and found them good .
These wipes are thick and can clean skin gently .
So one can use these wipes for small kids and infants without worrying about skin allergy or rashes as they are safe to use even for newborn babies.

One can buy these wipes from online stores like Amazon.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful ,
Do share your views if  you have tried  products from this brand .

(*PR Sample With Honest Review )  

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Healthy Drinks to Quench Thirst in Ramadan

With  the holy month  of  Ramadan  Starting soon  , Muslims all around the  world are happy and excited , to enter the Spiritual  Journey  where  they  pray more and are closer to Almighty :) 
With month long fasting , one needs to do some preparations like what they have to eat and drink to stay healthy , so that they can  fulfill all what is required to do this month , Prayers and other  Ibadah.

Ramadan  Foods & Drinks needs to be selected carefully , So as to stay active and healthy.
Not eating Junk and not eating too much , Just the right foods & drinks  in right quantity.

In  this post I will try to cover Healthy Drinks for Ramadan , which will help to quench thirst . 

Fresh Fruit Juices , Coconut Water , Lemonade , Yogurt Drinks etc are best as they are healthy , have nutritional value and also helps to quench thirst. 

This is one of  the best drink for Ramadan .
To be taken in evening during  Iftaar , While opening Roza ( Fast ).
It protects from summer heat and cools the body , is a good source of Vitamin C .

One can even add some flavor like Rose Essence to make Rose Lemonade.
This tastes good and is refreshing. 

Mango juice made from raw mango (also known as Aam Panna ) is very healthy and refreshing. 
It is known for its heat resistant  properties.
It is a tangy summer cooler.
Made from raw mango, some spices and sugar , it is rich source of  Pectin , Vitamin B & C and quenches thirst. 
It prevents excessive loss of sodium chloride and  iron due to excessive sweating. 
So one can have it in Iftaar and after that. 

Yogurt drinks are very healthy & refreshing , and are delicious too :) 
One can make   Minty Yogurt  Drink  by adding mint , cumin seeds and ice to yogurt and blending all in a blender or mixer .
It tastes good and is good for stomach. 

One can also prepare sweet  yogurt drinks like Lassi , Flavored  ones  by adding some fresh fruits to Curd or Yogurt .
Popular ones are Mango Lassi , Strawberry lassi etc .
All these  drinks are delicious and are fulfilling .


Its one of the most refreshing juice liked by all .
Bit tangy in taste and rich in Vitamin C & Electrolyte  , it quenches thirst to great extent.

Apart from these the other  healthy drinks are : 
1. Watermelon Drink 
Can be made from fresh watermelon .
Helps to quench thirst.
Provides essential minerals  to body and prevents dehydration.

2. Cucumber & Musk  Melon Drink 
One can make drink of cucumber and muskmelon  in a juicer .
Add cumin seed powder , salt and honey to make a refreshing drink.
It soothes body and prevents excessive sweating in summer.

3. Buttermilk 
This is one of the  best  Iftaar Drink.
Cools the body and stomach and quenches thirst .

What to avoid  
1. Coffee 
2. Carbonated drinks like soft drinks.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful :) 

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Monday, 7 May 2018

How To Control Gadget Addiction in Kids

Technology  has  captured a big space in our life. We are so much dependent  on Technology  that it changed the way of our thinking and perception. We feel technology  has made our life easier , but in a real scenario , Over dependency on technology is like  a curse.

Children of  this generation are smart and intelligent  right from their birth.
They are so active that they learn how to operate smart gadgets of  their own.
Due to the busy and nuclear family lifestyle , smartphones have become  the usual pacifier to calm down kids  and make them quiet when they are showing tantrums.
As there is a need for both working parents , children entertain themselves with the help  of  these electronic gadgets. Because of  continuous usage  of  these gadgets , children are now addicted to them.

What we as a parent can do to control gadget  addiction  in  Kids :
Being  a  responsible  parent , you can do many things , which can help your kid  come out  of  the gadget addiction.

1. Be a Role  Model  for your Kid
Children have a tendency  to copy every act of  their parents.
Whatever activity a kid  observes  from his parents , he replicates it.
Therefore , if  they see that  you spend most of  the time watching TV or Smartphones , they will also copy that  acts of  yours.
Hence  it is important to change your habit and be a good  role model  for your kids so that you can ask your  kid to follow  your activity  happily.

2. Encourage  Healthy  Habits
It is good if you encourage healthy habits in  your child by substituting the smartphone's  usage with some writing or  reading  activity. It may happen that your child  may not reciprocate the same from the first day but take an extra step and the reason for such implementation.
If  you implement this habit on a regular basis , your child will definitely  respond  positively.

3. Have a Play Time with  your  kid
Children  always  seek some time from their  parents.
Therefore spend some quality time with your kids.
Talk with them , Play with them , so that they do not feel  lonely  and take the company of smartphones to entertain themselves.
As per the child  Psychology , when parents spend their time and play with children , they feel more bonded and build more trust  for their parents.

4. Keep Your  Home  Tech Free
Although it is not possible to keep your home completely free from Technology , still you can manage to keep some of  the rooms as Tech Free Zones.
It will limit your child's  screen time and will help your child to focus on other activities too.

Apart from the above mentioned ideas you can apply many other ways to keep your child sufficiently away from gadgets.
It is very important to get  involved in their lives , so that  you can understand them better , so that you can guide them accordingly .

Hope You all Liked this Post and Found it Useful :)
Do share your views  on this  topic.

This is a Guest Post  by  Akansha  Bansal  Writer & Founder of  a  Parenting Website  called
 Budding Star .
She lives with a notion of  Simple  Living and High Thinking and has an optimistic approach towards life. She is always eager to learn new things.

One can connect with her  on her social media handles.

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Shop Mesmerizing Wall Tapestries From Dresslily

A well decorated  house with  great furnitures and  interiors gives a warm and welcoming look.
Everyone wants to live lavishly in  a well decorated house with nicely done interiors.
As one feels relaxed  and de-stressed  when  their home is  decorated nicely as per their choice and taste.
Selecting the right furnitures and wall color , matching curtains all is too important to get  a beautiful and welcoming look .
Some people also like to put wallpaper or wall tapestry in their  home.
It completely changes the look of the room .
We feel like we are in a different world .
While checking wall tapestry online I came across an online store dresslily which has some mesmerizing wall tapestries.
One can check their collection here . is an online store which has variety of products for it's  customers like Apparels , Shoes , Bags , Accessories , Home Decor  etc.
In their Home Decor section I saw these wall tapestries.

I am sharing some of my favorite ones.

1. Romantic Country Street Pattern Wall tapestry 
This is my most favorite one.
Made from natural polyester it has vibrant colors and images and  gives an awesome feeling of  being in countryside.
Can be used for living rooms , bedrooms etc.
The best part is it's removable and washable.
Price : $ 21.29 

2. Vacation  Island  Beach  Pattern  Waterproof  Wall  Art 
It's a waterproof one made from velvet.
Gives a feel and look of  vacation island beach.
Price : $19.83 

3. Forest  Sunlight  Decorative Wall Tapestry 
Made from natural polyester its a washable one .
Has vibrant color and  look.
Looks too beautiful.
Price : $ 21.16 

4.  Starry  Night  Pattern Hanging Wall  Art  Tapestry 
It's a perfect decoration for home , office , hotels  etc.
It's made up of velvet and is washable.
Gives a mesmerizing look of a starry night.
Ideal  for kids bedroom.

5. Sea Wave Sunset  Beach 3D Window Wall  Tapestry 
With vivid colors and crisp lines this gives an elegant look.
Helps to enjoy the seascape through window.
It is made up of  lightweight fabric.
Price : $20.14 

So these were some wall decor products which I found too good at  Dresslily .

What  I  Liked about this Store 
1. Wide range of products  including apparels , shoes , bags , accessories , home decor etc.
2. Affordable  price .
3. Free shipping worldwide.
4. Various  payment option like credit card , debit card , net banking , Paypal etc.
5. Lots of discounts and coupons.

Do check the store and check their Home Decor section , One can find some useful and  lovely products there .
One can easily place order online and enjoy those product :)