Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nature's Emporium Goat Milk Soap Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to Introduce one more new brand to my friends and readers ,
it's Nature's Emporium .

About the brand
Natures Emporium is a brand that prepares Hand made soaps , Body butters etc ,
Its products are made form natural Ingredients and they do not use any harsh chemicals and preservatives in their product .

About the Product
This Goat Milk soap is a hand made soap meant for dry and sensitive skin .
It is loaded with essential vitamins and has anti inflammatory properties .
It has goodness of Goat Milk and various Oils .


Rs 250 for 110 gms 

Shelf  Life 
6 months 

Product Packaging and Look 
The soap comes in brown paper cover .
All the product information is given on a white paper which is above the brown paper .
Look is Great and Excellent :-)
It's a yellow color soap with some floral design at the top .

What the product claims 
The products is meant for dry and sensitive skin .
The product claims to moisturize the skin and make it baby soft  . 
It claims to slough off dead skin and brighten the skin .
It also claims to treat acne .

Pros :
1. Natural product with all natural ingredients .
2. Does not contains any harsh chemicals or preservatives .
3. Has various oils like Olive oil , Castor oil  , Coconut oil , Lemon essential oil , all good for skin .
4. Contains Goat Milk which has essential nutrients and Vitamins .
5. Has anti Inflammatory properties .
6. Treats acne and pimples .
7. Has a nice fragrance .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores .

My Experience with the product 
I have used this soap few times and I liked it .
I had never tried any goat milk soap before so was too excited to try this :-)
My skin type is oily so when I saw meant for dry skin I thought it might not suit my skin but still wanted to try so washed my face with it :-) 
It did not made my skin oily ( as I thought  it would as its meant for dry skin ).
It's an Effective Cleanser , made my skin clean , clear and oil free .
My skin felt fresh and bright :-) 
It can be used for face and body both , right now I am using this for my face only .
It has a nice mild fragrance .

So would recommend this soap to ones who Love Hand Made soaps or Goat milk soaps .
Price might seems bit high but it's Okay considering the fact that it's a Natural product loaded with goodness of Goat milk and several oils .

IBB Rating : 4.7/5 

One can buy this product from Qtrove

One can check Facebook page of Nature's Emporium here 

(*PR Sample but Honest Review ) 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Mama Earth Soothing Massage Oil Review

Hello Every One
Today I am going to introduce a new brand to my readers and friends , It's a brand which has Baby Care products , It's Mama Earth -Asia's 1st made safe certified brand .

About the brand
Mama Earth is a new brand in Indian Market which aims to build safe products for kids .
Their products go through safety tests to ensure that their products are safe for babies.
They use natural ingredients in their products .
Their product range includes products for babies , moms & mom to be :-)

About the product
Mama Earth Soothing Oil for babies is a massage oil with goodness of Almond oil , Jojoba oil and Sesame oil . It does not contains any harmful chemicals  or preservatives .

Sweet Almond Oil 
Jojoba Essential  Oil 
Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 
Virgin Coconut oil 
Virgin Olive oil 
Lavender Essential Oil 
Chamomile Essential Oil 

Rs 299 for 100 ml 

Shelf Life 
2 years 

Product packaging 
The product comes in a good quality plastic bottle with a nozzle using which one can easily take out
small quantity of oil  for massage .So product packaging is Excellent , much better than oils from other brands.
Packaging is also very Cute :-)
A white bottle with a green cap with images of some animals on it makes it  attractive & cute .

Pros :
1. It's a blend of 7 natural oils so good for babies skin.
2. Does not contains any harmful chemicals  or preservatives like Parabens , Sulfates etc .
3.The products is certified safe ( which is too essential as no one want's to use products which are not safe for babies skin )
4. Product packaging is excellent and Travel Friendly .
5.Affordable Price .
6. Easily available on online stores like Amazon.in 
7.Oil has nice fragrance .
8.It's too light so gets easily absorbed in babies skin without making it look too oily .
9. Sesame Oil has healing property .
10. No synthetic fragrance used .

Cons :

What I liked about this Product 
I always prefer products which have Natural Ingredients and minimal chemicals , and for kids it becomes essential to use the products which are safe and mild on skin as babies skin are too sensitive and I do not want to use product laden with chemicals and preservatives .
So when I checked this Brand I was happy that it has natural ingredients and no chemicals,so I wanted to use this for my kids .
I used this oil to massage my baby and found it too good :-)
A light weight oil with a lovely Lemony Fragrance with goodness of 7 essential oils makes it a Perfect one , Specially for winters as it also nourishes the skin and keeps it moisturized .
So a Big Thumps Up for this product from my side :-) 
Would surely recommend this to others as it's an Excellent Product in Affordable Range .

One can check the brand here 

(*PR Sample but Honest Review )

Friday, 13 January 2017

Let Me Go Green Giveaway With Grassspider.in

Hello Green Crusaders :-)
I am back with one more Giveaway for my wonderful Readers & friends.

This is a different kind of giveaway , quite different from the ones I have been doing .
Since Let Me Go Green Campaign  is round the corner so we have a giveaway with Grassspider.in.

About the Site :
Grassspider  is an Indian website which  sells and promotes  Eco-Friendly products.
They sell products which are made from natural ingredients and some recycled products too.
They did many campaigns to promote these Eco-friendly  products and these campaigns are named as Go Green.
Their motive is to create awareness about Going Green and using natural products .

One can read an interesting article on their site which I saw yesterday
3 Healthy Essentials for  the skin care check list
3 healthy essential article

This giveaway is also a part of that Go Green Campaign .

All the Participants will get 2 assured Gifts apart from the main campaign prize   :

1. 30% off discount voucher for shopping with Grassspider (Gift 1 )
2. Free pass for Photo Shoot & campaign with Grassspider ( Gift 2 )

Participants need to DM their email ID's to facebook page of  Grassspider  to get assured gifts.
One can check their facebook page here :
FB page of grassspider

Rules :
1.Follow @grassspider & @ghazli123 on Instagram .
Insta Page of grassspider  & Insta page of Ghazala Naseem
2.Click a selfie with a tree .
3.Post your selfie on your instagram page and tag at least one friend and ask them to take this    challenge and be a part of Go Green campaign .
4.Tag your selfie post  with #LetMeGoGreen.
5.Tag @grassspider  & @ghazli123  in your entry so that I can check it .
6. Invite your friends to join the giveaway .

Winners will be decided on the basis of number of tagged friends taking up the challenge .
Winners will be decided by Me & Grassspider team .

Prizes :
There are 3 prizes for  Top 3 winners apart from the 2 assured gifts :-)

1. One Fushia Day Cream for first winner.
2.Two Fushia Lip Balms for second winner.
3.One Fushia Lip Balm for third winner.

This Giveaway will run for 15 days and winners will be decided and declared after that .

This is a Sponsored giveaway and all prizes will be sent by the brand (GrassSpider ) ,So I will not be accountable  for problems like delay  of prizes or any such thing .

Hope you all like this giveaway :-)
Waiting to see active participation of  all my readers & friends to make this Go Green Campaign successful.

Ghazala Naseem & Grassspider Team

Monday, 9 January 2017

TBC By Nature's 24 Ct Gold Honey & Almond Cream Review

Hello Every one
Today I am going to review one more product from brand TBC By Nature ,
It's 24 Ct Gold Honey & Almond winter care nourishing cream .

About the brand
TBC By Nature is a new brand in Indian market which has various skin care products like Body Lotions , Face Cream , Night Cream , Sunscreen etc .

About the product
This 24 Ct Honey & Almond cream is a type of winter care nourishing cream .
Has goodness of honey , almond , aloe vera gel etc , all of which are good for skin and helps to completely moisturize the skin . An ideal product for winter skin care .

1.Almond Oil 
2.Aloe Vera Extract 
4.Coca Butter 
5.Wheat Germ Oil 
6.Vitamin E 
7.Ashwagandha Extract 

Rs 70 for 100 gms 

Shelf Life 
3 years 

Product Packaging 
The product has in a tub packaging .
It's a light yellow colored thick cream with a nice fragrance .

What the product Claims 
The product claims that it's a combination of some natural extracts and cosmetic and it moisturizes and brightens the skin , prevents drying & itching of skin .

Pros :
1.Contains natural ingredients like almond oil , aloe vera gel , honey all good for skin .
2. Affordable price , a good product at a price of Rs 70 for 100 gm  is awesome .
3. Has SPF15 , so no need to apply a sunsceen cream after application of this cream as a day cream .
4.Not tested on animals .
5.Nice fragrance .
6.Completely moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a good period of time .

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores and not on local stores .
2.Tub packaging is not too Hygienic .

My Experience with the product 
I have used this cream few times and I like it .
Has a nice fragrance and  it's a good moisturizing cream  specially for winters .
Keeps the skin hydrated for a good period of time but not for 24 hours as the product claims .
The claim of 24 Ct gold in it to brighten the skin is also too much , it does not brightens the skin , Its  Only  a good moisturizer :-) 

Over all it's a good product at  a low price :-)

One can buy this product from online stores like Flipkart.com , Amazon.in etc 
One can check their facebook page here 

(*PR Sample ) 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

TBC By Nature's Natural Aloe Vera Body Lotion Review

Hello Every One
Today  I am going to Introduce a new brand to my readers & friends .
It's TBC By Nature .

About the brand
TBC By Nature is a New Brand  which has various Skin Care products like body lotions , Face Cream ,Night Cream ,Body Butters , Sun Screens , facial Kits etc .

About the product
This product Natural Aloe Vera body lotion is the first product from this brand which I have tried and I really liked it .


Price   Rs 125 for 300 ml
Shelf Life   3 years

Product packaging 
The product comes in a Plastic bottle .

Pros :
1. Contains natural ingredients like Cocoa butter , Aloe Vera extract ,Olive oil , Glycerine etc .
2. Affordable price .
3.Completely moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a good period of time .
4.Has Nice fragrance .
5.Not tested on animals .
6.Has SPF15 which is good .

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores .
2.Contains Parabens , so not good for people who look for Paraben free products .

My Experience with this product 
I am using this body lotion past few days and I really liked it .
It has a nice fragrance , has a thick texture , completely moisturizes the skin and staying power is good , upto 5-7 hours .
It is suitable for all skin type .

Suggestion to brand 
The product is excellent but  if the packaging could be made Travel Friendly , then it would be Great as the current packaging is not travel friendly and so could not be easily carried in bag or purse .

One can buy this product and other TBC By Nature products from online stores like Flipkart.com , Purplle.com , Amazon.in etc .
One can check their facebook page here
TBC By Nature

(*PR Sample But Honest Review  as always)

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Natural Bath & Body Beautiful Day Body Mist Review

Hello Every One
First of all I would like to Wish Every One A Happy & Prosperous New Year .

Today I am going to review  a product from brand Natural Bath & Body .
Review of Beautiful Day Body Mist :-)

About the brand
Natural Bath & Body is a brand which offers natural products made from  essential oils and botanical extracts .Their products range includes products from Bath & body as well as face care .

About the Product
This Body mist is the first product from this brand which I have tried and I am quite impressed with it. It has nice floral fragrance .

Purified water 
Organic vegetable Glycerine 
Denatured alcohol 

Rs 350 for 200 ml

Shelf life 
24 months 

Product Packaging 
The product comes in a good quality plastic bottle with a nozzle and a cap .
product packaging is good and travel friendly .

1. Nice floral fragrance .
2. Excellent product packaging .
3.Affordable price .
4. A natural product , does not contains harmful chemicals .
5.Good shelf life .
6.Paraben  free 
7. Sulfate free 
8.Petroleum free.

Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores .

My Experience with the product 
I have used this product few times and I really liked it .
Much better than perfumes having strong smell .
I like the ones which have mild fragrance and this one a lovely floral fragrance .
So it's Suitable for daily use .

One can check this product at their website 

I got this product in November Fab bag :-)

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Monetize Your Blog with Niume.Com

Hello Every One
I am back with one more interesting post for my blogger friends and readers .
Today's Post is about monetizing a blog with a collaborative blogging platform called Niume.com .
Niume.com is a website or a platform where bloggers can register and  share their posts and Get Paid for getting their posts viewed and  also one can increase their reader base via Niume.com . It pays 1$ for 1000 views and also there is one referral program  through which members can earn money .

Why Niume is Better than other platforms 
1.One does not need to wait for six months or 50 posts as in case of Adsense to apply for it,one can start earning the moment one start posting contents .
2. One needs to have a minimum threshold of 10$ to apply for a bank transfer , which is very less as compared to Adsense where one needs to have minimum 100$ to request for a bank transfer .
3.They have wide range of categories , so blogger from any niche can try .
4.If one is active there , means  one is able to post good number of contents there one can easily earn good money from there .
5. One can also increase their blog traffic with this Niume.com .

I created my account at Niume one month back but since this month I was too busy with too many things I could not post many articles/posts there , Just a few but it was good to see that I got a good reader base there with some of my post getting Hypes (Likes ) as much as 34 :-)

Creating an account there is very simple .
once account is created one can start posting their contents , their own blog posts , Video's etc , If one is posting content from other 's blog or website , Credit should be given to original source .
One can check their Dashboard to check their Views & Hypes , check their Niume Wallet etc.

My Profile  Page  at Niume.com 

One can add links to their social media sites and blog in their profile , so  that one can easily connect with bloggers of same niche .

How to get Payment via Niume.com 
Since it's not an Indian website the first question that  came to my mind is how will I get my money .
That's very simple.
Once our earning reaches 10$ we can request for a bank transfer , for that we need a Paypal account (an account to get foreign payments ).
I had read a lot about this Paypal account but since I never needed one , I was not having one .
After creating my account on Niume , I also searched How to make a Paypal account and got my answer from Google :-)
It's very easy , one just needs to have an email account , Pan Card and a bank account number .
One needs to create a paypal account , submit their Pan Card number and bank account number and with in a week all formalities are done and one's Paypal account is ready to use :-)

One can check the Paypal site here 

So I found this platform a very good way to increase my blog traffic and earn some money.
Every thing is so simple and transparent .
One can easily reach that 1000 clicks if one is active there .
One can also ask their friends and followers to register via their link and for each successful referral one gets some points .

So those who are interested to join and explore Niume.com can register their via my link 

Any one registering at Niume.com via this link , will get 1$ in his/her account after creating their first post :-)
Then one can increase their earning by  posting good contents which gets more hits and likes and also by referring their friends on social media .

One more thing I would like to mention is this is not only for bloggers but  Youtubers or any one can register and start posting some good and meaningful content there which others would like to read , so if one is not a blogger and still want to join this site  , can go ahead and register there .

One can check my profile and posts here 

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful , if any doubt can ask me in comment sections below .

Ghazala Naseem