Sunday, 23 July 2017

Enjoy Designer Products With Sartorial Box From Rock N Shop

Hello Every One
Back with review of one more Subscription Box .
Today I am going to review SARTORIALBOX3  from ROCKNSHOP .

#Sartorialbox :
Sartorial Box from online store Rocknshop is Curated with best of designer products .

Earlier they had come up with Sartorial Box 1 & 2 , Now they have curated Box 3 filled with some Lovely Designer Products for their Valuable Customers .

Sartorial Box 3 has following products :
1. Wallet  #TheTanEssential
2. Bracelet #TheWristCharmer
3.Flats #Presasteps
4. Socks #MacroonMojas
5.Nightwear #NoBrainerPjs

The Nightwear in Box 3 is Blue Veva Cotton Pyjama .
It's Cool & Comfortable and is made in India .
Price Rs 2699 .
One can select the size as per their requirement .

Emo Punk White Flats
This pair of white Emo Punk flats is perfect for summers .
Soft  & Comfortable with its own unique style .
Price Rs 1899.

Ivory & Gold Enamel Bracelet
Kesya's  Ivory & Gold Enamel Bracelet is a classic bracelet crafted in brass , plated with 22 Ct gold and filled with ivory enamel .
It's a Perfect accessory for any occasion , A stylish & Classy accessory .
Price Rs 4500 .

Tan Lara Slim Leather Wallet
This wallet is made from fine calf leather , the inner compartment is organized into pockets for  cards , cash & ID .
Price Rs 3000.

Macarons Women Socks
These are free size ankle length dress socks .
Woven from the finest cotton they provide comfort & style to feet .
Price Rs 349 .

The actual price of the box is worth over Rs 12,447  and one needs to pay just Rs 10,600 for all these lovely designer products .
Each month the box has some surprises with some cool Stuffs & goodies .

One can check the Sartorial Box 3 here :

One can buy these products individually too but by buying The Sartorial Box one can save money and get good products at discounted price .

One can style these lovely products in several ways to create a Style Statement  & Give a Classy Look .

All these products are Designer ones , crafted with Love & accuracy to give a Style Statement .
These are classy products which can make one stand out in crowd .

One can share their Look on Instagram with #sartorialbox

Hope You all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Introducing The Dazzle Box Subscription Service

Hello Every One
Back with one more Interesting post , Today I am going to Introduce a New Subscription Box ,
The Dazzle Box  to my readers & friends .

Indian Market is now flooded with Subscription Services , mainly the Beauty Subscription Boxes .
We have so many options to choose from . Some are affordable and some are bit expensive and so one needs to make a good decision to choose the right subscription box as per their requirement .

Recently I came across a Subscription Box at Instagram , The Dazzle Box .
It's a newly Launched  one . I placed my order for the July Box and got my box few days back .
In this post I will share what products I got in this box along with some other details .

Product Packaging :
All the products were wrapped in Bubble wrap and the box is a card board one with a label of The Dazzle Box on it .

The entire box was wrapped in a Blue Net which looked too good :-) 

The Products in this months box :
There are 7 products in this months box , they are :

1. Fushia Anti Hair Loss Serum worth  Rs. 1250 .
2. Valinta Neem Face Wash worth Rs 55 .
3. Organique Hand Made Soap worth  Rs 250 .
4. Avlon Matte Nail Paint worth  Rs 65 .
5. Just Gold Shimmer Glitter worth  Rs 60 .
6. Chand Bali worth Rs 100 .
7.  Fashion Earrings worth  Rs 50 .

Price of all these products is Rs 1830 .

Apart from this I got 2 Extra Products :
1. Chocolate Coffee Facial Kit .
2. Hand Made Jhumka's .
Price of these 2 products is Rs 400 .

Apart from this there was a hand written note By Deepali & a Price list with all products & price details .

The Box which I have ordered is The Teenie Weenie Box .
The price of this Box is Rs 750 and one gets products worth Rs 1800 and more in this box .

They have one more box  The Splendour Box worth Rs 1450 where in one can get products worth Rs 2600.
In these box one can expect some good skin care & beauty products along with some Jewelry and accessories .

My Opinion about this Subscription Box :
I have ordered few subscription box earlier also and I Must this is a Good One as one gets products from reputed brands at an affordable price .
The Star Product in this box is Fushia  Serum which is worth Rs 1200 .
Other skin care products are also good , The Hand made soap is worth Rs 250 from a good brand .
The Facial Kit also seems good , though I haven't tried this brand Valinta before , after using it can come up with a detailed review .
The White Jhumka is too pretty and I really loved it , a Perfect match for all our Ethnic Wear .

The other two earrings are Okay .

Over all the Box is too good and one gets products much more than the price of box .

I got products worth Rs 2230 in this box at price of Rs 750 :) 

One can place order at Instagram Page of  The Dazzle Box via DM and mode of payment is Paytm or bank Transfer .

One can check the page here :

                                                      IBB Rating for this Box : 4.7 / 5

Hope You all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful , Please feel free to leave your comment & feedback .


(* This is not a sponsored post , I have purchased this box with a discount and these are my personal opinion about this box ) 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Iraa Insta Repair Multi Action Night Cream Review

Hello Every One
Back with one more product review from brand Iraa .
Today I am going to review it's  Insta Repair Multi Action Night Cream .

About the Brand :
Iraa is an Indian brand which has wide range of products for Skin care & Hair care .
It's Products are made from natural ingredients and are Cruelty free.

One can check the site here

About the product :
This Insta Repair Night Cream is an Excellent product from Iraa with goodness of Shea Butter , Pentavitin , Extracts of White Mulberry , Paper Mulberry , Japanese Camellia , Green Tea etc .
It moisturizes and brightens the skin and protects from harmful UV rays .

Product Packaging :
This Night Cream comes in a tub with a silver lid which looks classy .

Ingredients :
Shea Butter 
Vitamin E 
Japanese Camellia 
Mulberry Extract 
Green Tea Leaf 

What the product claims :
The product claims to brighten the skin , 
Reduce fine line & wrinkles ,
Reduce dark spots ,
Repair UV damage .

Direction for use :
One needs to apply this cream on a cleansed face and neck every night .

Price : Rs 595 for 50 gms 
Shelf  Life : 2 Years 

How the product looks like :
The product is a thick white cream with a nice fragrance .

Pros :
1. Contains Shea Butter which is good for skin .
2. Contains Vagestop which is a blend of seven  natural extracts including Japanese Camellia , green tea leaf etc.
3. Contains Pentavitin which acts as anti oxidant , makes skin healthier and smoother .
4. Product does what it claims , Moisturizes the skin , and makes it smoother and healthier .
5. Has a nice fragrance .
6.Clinically tested and  Dermatologically approved .

Cons :
1. Availability might be an issue as available only on online stores , yet to reach local market .
2. Price may seem bit higher but it's Okay since it's an excellent product with so many good ingredients .

My Experience with the Product :
I am using this cream past few days and I liked it too much , one of the Best Night Cream I have ever used . It has a nice mild fragrance and it's like a thick moisturizer , my first impression was " will it suit Oily Skin ?" (it's meant for all skin type )
When I applied this on my face initially it seemed too sticky but after a good massage it got absorbed in skin completely and my skin felt good .
In the morning my face looked fresh and soft .
After using it for few days I Must say it's an excellent one .
Since I have not used it for a long period of time I can't say about it claims of reducing fine lines etc but this seems to be a Promising One .

So would suggest others to try it once :-) 

IBB Rating - 4.6/5 

One can check this product at Amazon 

                                                       ( * PR Sample with Honest Review ) 

Monday, 17 July 2017

Enjoy Healthy Tea With Tea Treasure

Hello Every One
Today I am going to Introduce a Tea Brand to my Readers & Friends ,
It's Tea Treasure :  A Heaven For Tea Lovers .

Tea is not just a drink , it's more than that , helps to come out of morning sickness & laziness , refreshes mind & body , Healthy tea like Green Tea , Tulsi Tea , Lemon Tea are good for health as they have anti oxidants , are anti inflammatory and helps to strengthen immune system.

So it's very important to chose right kind of tea which can helps us to stay healthy & happy .
Recently I came across this brand Tea Treasure , which is an online store to buy variety of tea .
I was amazed to see vast collection of premium teas .
Starting from Green Tea to Kashmiri Kahwa they have every thing .
I also enjoyed reading unique & classy names of tea like
Chai equals to ghupshup
Princess Green
English Breakfast :-) and many more .

I have tried some variety of teas from this brand and in this post I am going to share my experience of having those teas .

Lemon Tulsi Green Tea 
This is a type of green tea with Lemon & Tulsi both .
It's written " Don't hate Meditate " on the pack which really make some sense :-) 

Tulsi has anti bacterial , anti septic , anti viral , anti inflammatory properties .
This tea is also known as Thai Lemon Basil and has a soothing taste .
I liked its taste , Something similar to normal green tea we take but with a nice flavor and aroma .
Price : Rs 200 for 50 gms 

Premium Indian Tea 
It's from the highland of Assam infused with some other herbs .
It's a Luxurious Beverage with a unique taste .
Is rich in antioxidants .
Can be taken with milk to make a perfect tea .

Price : Rs 110 for 250 gms 

Premium  Chai  Masala 
It's a Chai Masala with Cinnamon , Cardamom , Ginger , Black pepper , Clove and Nutmeg .
It's rich in antioxidants and helps in digestion .
It's one of the Best Tea I ever had , I simply loved it's taste , so unique & refreshing , good enough to upload one's mood :-) 
Price : Rs 170 for 50 gms .

Princess of  Green 
This is a type of Green Tea , gently steamed and rolled for a fresh delicate taste .
It improves inner alertness and concentration .
Price Rs 260 for 50 gms .

Tulsi Green Tea 
This tea contains Tulsi , Lemon peel , Lemon Grass , Pure Green tea .
It guards against cough and cold .
Eliminates toxins from the body and improves immunity .

Price : Rs 220 for 50 gms .

English Breakfast Tea 
It's a rich fusion of Darjeeling Tea and Assam Black Tea .
It's rich in antioxidants .
Has strong flavors which soothes ones nerves .
Price : Rs 220 for 50 gms .

I am drinking all these wonderful teas these days and my favorite one is premium chai masala .
All these are too good , have nice taste and flavor , the best part is they have health benefits so are Must Try Ones :-) 

One can buy these teas directly from their website or from online stores like 

One can check their website here :

                                                              IBB Rating For Tea Treasure :  4.9 /5

I have also made a video for this post :-)

Hope You all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful , Please feel free to leave your feedback :-)

(* PR Samples with Honest Review ) 


Sunday, 9 July 2017

Himalaya Soothing Body Butter lavender Review

Hello  Every One
Back with one more  product review from brand Himalaya Herbals .
Today I am going to review a product from it's  Mom's Range , It's  Soothing Body Butter lavender Review .

Himalaya Herbals is an old and famous Indian brand , its products are herbal and are in affordable range , not too expensive .
Now they  have launched some new products in it's Mom's Range .
This Soothing Body Butter lavender is formulated for women during pregnancy & beyond .
It intensely nourishes and hydrates the skin and provides long lasting deep moisturization .

What the product claims :

Price :  Rs 200 for 100 ml 
Shelf   Life : 2 Years 

Product Packaging :
The body butter comes in a plastic tub .

How The Product Looks Like :
The body butter is a white color thick moisturizer with a lovely fragrance .

Pros :
 1. Product does what it claims , moisturizes and hydrates the skin .
2. Contains Glycerin which locks moisture and keeps skin hydrated .
3. Lovely fragrance .
4. Affordable Price .
5. Easily Available every where , on online stores as well as local market .

Cons :
1. Tub packaging is not hygienic .
2. Has some chemicals like alcohol .

My Experience with the product :
I am using this body butter past few days .
It's a good product in affordable range .
Has a lovely fragrance and it completely moisturizes and hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized for a good period of time .
It's for all skin type and can be used as a daily moisturizer for hand and body .

IBB Rating --4.5 /5

One can check this product at Amazon 

(* Product sent by brand as gift ) 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Review of Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask from Skin18

Hello Every One
Today I am going to review a Sheet Mask from Famous Online Store Skin18.Com .
It's Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask .

About the Store :
Skin18.Com  is a Hongkong based  online store which has variety of Korean Skin Care products .
I have used and reviewed various products from this store .
I have tried and reviewed variety of sheets masks from this store , all were good and this one is also good . Sheet Masks are very popular these days as it's one of the easiest way to  Pamper your skin and feel & look good :-)

About the product :
This Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask  has snail extract & Collagen and it helps to moisturize & regenerate the skin . Also contains Vitamin E which is good for skin .

Ingredients :

                                                                        Shelf  Life :

                                                                        Features :

Price : 1.40 USD 

How to use the mask :
1. Wash the face and make it dry .
2. Open the sheet mask and put on your face avoiding the eyes and mouth area .
3. Leave it for 15 - 20 minutes .
4. After 20 minutes take it off and massage the face with remaining moisturizer on face .

Pros :
1.  Easy to use  .
2. Travel friendly , can be easily carried in a bag or purse and used when ever required .
3.Sticks to skin and does not falls off .
4. Suitable for all skin type , even Oily skin beauties can also try .
5. Completely moisturizes and hydrates the skin .
6. Product packaging is good , a single sheet comes in a single pack so good as it's meant for a single usage .
7. Contains Vitamin E , Collagen & Snail Extract , all good for skin .
8. Snail Extract helps in regenerating  skin cells and makes skin smooth & elastic .
9. Good shelf life of 3 years . 

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as available on online store of Skin18 and not available locally .
2. Not a chemical free product , contains Paraben .

My Experience with the product :
I have used several sheet masks from Skin18 before ,all were good , this one is also good.
It's very easy to use , in fact one of the easiest way for a good skin  care routine .
One feels refreshed after using these masks .
It does hydrates and moisturizes the skin and one does not needs to use a moisturizer after using it .
Regular usage of these sheet masks  improves skin condition and helps to get  flawless & glowing skin :-) 

IBB Rating -- 4.5/5 

One can check the product here 

( * PR Sample  ) 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Introducing Mother Sparsh Ayurvedic Baby Care Products

Hello Every One
Today I am going to Introduce a new  Baby Care brand to my readers and friends .
It's an Ayurvedic Brand , Mother Sparsh .

About the brand :
Mother Sparsh is an Indian Brand and it  has some  good collection of baby care products like  Talc , Body lotion ,Soap ,Wet Wipes , Baby wash , Lal Tail ( Massage Oil ) ,Gripe Water etc.
It's an Ayurvedic Brand and it's products are free of Parabens , Alcohol , Artificial colors etc .
It's products are safe and can be used for new born babies .

Sparsh is a Sanskrit word with meaning Touch and Mother's Sparsh is a pleasant touch by Mom , so the name of this brand is too good and one could easily connect with it as a mom always wants The Best for her kids :-)

One can check their website here  :

It's Product Range :

1. Mother Sparsh Baby Body Wash 
This is a body wash with Olive & Turmeric .
It's Paraben free & Silicone Free.
It Cleanses & Moisturizes the skin .
Price : Rs 85 for 100 ml .

2.Mother Sparsh Baby Powder :
It Contains Tulsi  & Aloe Vera .
Paraben Free product .
Keeps the skin cool & Comfortable and prevents Rashes .
Price : Rs 62 for 100 gms 

3. Mother Sparsh Baby Lotion :
It Contains Olive Oil & Aloe Vera .
Free of Paraben & Silicone .
Helps to keep baby skin  soft & Supple .
Prevents dryness and keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time .
Price :  Rs 34 for 40 ml .

4. Mother Sparsh Lal Tail 
Its a type of massage oil for babies .
It's main ingredient is Sesame oil along with few other herbs .
It improves blood circulation and  gives strength to body .
We all  know that a good massage is so important for small kids to makes them strong and this Oil is a perfect one for that .
Price : Rs 96 for 100 ml 

5. Mother Sparsh Gripe Water 
It's an alcohol free , Paraben Free tonic with Saunf & Pudina .
It's a 100% ayurvedic medicine .
It helps to relieve stomach discomfort & gas from colic & hiccup .
Small kids do have lots of Colic problem and gripe water is an easy solution for that .
Price : Rs 55 for 130 ml. 

6. Mother Sparsh Baby Soap 
It's a paraben & Pthalate free soap with goodness of Almond Oil & Olive Oil .
It's a mild soap with aloe vera extract and it cleanses and moisturizes the skin .
Price Rs 48 for  75 gms.

7. Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes 
Baby wipes is a must product in baby skin care routine .
This baby wipes from Mother Sparsh a Paraben & Alcohol free product with goodness of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E . It is made from Non Woven Spunlace Fabric and is PH balanced , so safe for babies skin .
It's 98% water wipes with Glycerin & Jojoba Oil .
Price Rs 150 for 80 wipes .

Before giving any new product to my kids , I try it myself to check if it is good or not .
So this time also I tried one product on myself  before giving it my kids .
I started using it's baby lotion as a body lotion :-) 
It's an amazing product with nice fragrance and its good on skin .
Moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a good period of time .
When I was satisfied then I asked my kids to use it , They have also  tried some other products from this brand and said Yes they are all good :-) 

Pros :
1. Ayurvedic products so free of harsh chemicals , preservatives & colors .
2. All the products are paraben free , Sulfate free , Alcohol free.
3. Price of these products are much less than products from other baby care brands , so it's affordable and any one can buy and try .
4. Product Packaging of all products are good .
5. All products have sufficient shelf  life for longer usage like 2-3 years .
6. Key ingredients in all these products are oils like Almond Oil , Jojoba Oil , Olive Oil , Aloe Vera etc , so safe for babies skin .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as it's available mainly on Online Stores .

One can buy these products from online stores like Amazon , Flipkart , Snapdeal etc.

One can check these products at Amazon 

IBB  Rating : 4.7/5 

( *Products sent by brand for review , My Opinion are Honest with my Personal Experience with these products )